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Dont lie down upstairs in a CP or any building it will get you killed from below Stand or kneel
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About the 91st Sturmbattalion

The 91st Sturmbattalion (91st) was created as an Axis-only squad to support a community of members that choose to play Battleground Europe in a similar way. Through this organized game-play members get the benefit of working in a well coordinated team to achieve battlefield objectives and ultimately play a critical role in winning the map against the Allied player base.

A team of dedicated squad members provides greater leverage to newer member as they get the experience and wisdom of game-play from a highly tenured squad member base -- enabling them to quickly learn from the squad and take part in training, resources, and as well be effective immediately within the game by keeping ahead of what can be a steep learning curve when first playing.


The 91st is structured with a members based command structure, each member having their own squad based rank, which is different than in-game rank. Because the 91st is an Axis squad this ranking structure follows the model of the 1940's German Wehrmacht. The purpose of having squad-rank is to provide both an in-game Officer in Charge (OIC) structure for the handling of orders and the setting of in-game squad objectives, as well as providing an out of game officer structure for managing various community aspects of squad management -- recruitment, coordination, awards, operations and management for the keeping of squad cohesion and order.


The 91st wouldn't be one of the longest exsisting and the great squad that it has been over the years without the continued and tireless efforts and contributions of the squad's member base. It is imperative that we have FUN!!! and enjoy ourselves as squad members. Open lines of communication are encouraged between all members and suggestions, recommendations, and feedback on how the squad could be better are welcome and should be posted to the squad forums for consideration and review by the entire membership.

Remember -- You are the 91st. The 91st isn't some stuffy organized corporation, we are all individuals contributing our time and playing together because we enjoy the camaraderie and have a lot of fun being the best at what we do. If you don't like something, or you feel it needs to be changed, speak up! voice your opinion that is what instigates change and makes it a better squad for existing and new members!! and makes it more enjoyable and attractive for new recruits. It's on you as a member to help each squad member out as much and in anyway possible to make the experience more effective and fun as possible -- Did we say have fun?!?

Respect the Heat of the battle, There will be times when lots of decisions are being made quickly and things are changing on the battlefield quickly. During these times, inquiries or suggestions may be overlooked or rejected -- Please do not take this personally. It takes a long time to understand how the game plays, why decisions are made, and sometimes what appear as simple decisions may be complicated by many factors. If it's something you feel was ignored without cause, make a note to have a discussion about the suggestion at a later point in time to understand why.

Make it happen!! Make us the best! When in the game, assist new players, help out on the in game help channel. Do not disrespect 'newb' players -- give them a hand and help them understand how the game works, what it means to capture, loose equipment, and what terms mean (ET, EI, EB, CP, FB, etc...). When the battle needs support assistance grab an Opel or Half-Track(HT) and give other players logistical assistance.

Remember, above all, we are a team, and one of the greatest, largest and longest surviving squads within Battleground Europe. Fight with honor and dignity, show respect and respect will be returned.

We are the Elite Axis Wehrmacht squad, the 91st Sturmbattalion, we have a reputation to uphold and deliver on the battlefield do not dishonor our reputation.


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