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Tip of the day!
When sniping don't lay prone in the same spot for long, find some cover, snipe,move,snipe,move - give yourself more time inbetween shots if the area is hot and there is a high probability of being spotted. Don't stay in the same place for long.
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Newest Squad Members
Name Rank Enlisted
Vkstachel Rekrut 09/04/2019
Ksham Rekrut 09/04/2019
Sirtisback Rekrut 09/04/2019
91stab10 Rekrut 05/04/2019
Mastermuff Rekrut 05/04/2019
Recent Squad Promotions
Name Rank Promotion Date
Webco Schutze 05/05/2019
Bellhead Schutze 05/05/2019
UnterSturm Schutze 06/05/2018
Blackiedog Schutze 06/05/2018
Black5 Schutze 06/05/2018
Squad Leadership
Sleeve Collar Member Name Squad Rank Position Status Home
Krazydog Generalleutnant XO
Kms Generalmajor XXO
Cyyoung Oberstleutnant XXO
Thomboi Oberstleutnant XXO
Locket5 Oberstleutnant XXO
Doorkicker Oberstleutnant XXO
Googs911 Oberleutnant CO
Squad Officers
Sleeve Collar Member Name Squad Rank Position Status Home
Ct123 General Officer
Hierbart Major Officer
Indian Major Officer
Carvo Major Officer
Parasit Major Officer
Coila Hauptmann Officer
Sleeve Collar Member Name Squad Rank Position Status Home
Kchip Hauptmann Member
Leopold Oberleutnant Member
Rolone Leutnant Member
Joejean Leutnant Member
Pj Leutnant Member
Rexxor Hauptfeldwebel Member
Krater Hauptfeldwebel Member
Pedrohsi Oberfeldwebel Member
Boss17 Feldwebel Member
Corey47g Unteroffizier Member
Harry50 Unteroffizier Member
Germany Unteroffizier Member
Doplkorn Stabsgefreiter Member
Joseph Stabsgefreiter Member
Dover13 Stabsgefreiter Member
Mikeaz Hauptgefreiter Member
Memoi Hauptgefreiter Member
Spear Hauptgefreiter Member
Furian Hauptgefreiter Member
Joker7 Hauptgefreiter Member
Pshootr Obergefreiter Member
Irishflyer Obergefreiter Member
Cannontow Obergefreiter Member
UBeR Gefreiter Member
Tac2i Gefreiter Member
Mbansol Gefreiter Member
Shootmee Gefreiter Member
Rpw1 Gefreiter Member
Devil175 Gefreiter Member
Ronshirt Gefreiter Member
Troloc Gefreiter Member
Wupu Gefreiter Member
Pieman Gefreiter Member
Ouimonsieu Gefreiter Member
Josh132 Gefreiter Member
Royburon Gefreiter Member
Hart1994 Gefreiter Member
Sinewave Gefreiter Member
Captron Gefreiter Member
Lunkin Gefreiter Member
Fidel Gefreiter Member
Bbjacob Gefreiter Member
Saffron Gefreiter Member
Godblesseu Gefreiter Member
Lastman Schutze Member
Sigurjon98 Schutze Member
Grimripper Schutze Member
Legate Schutze Member
Jldjl Schutze Member
Mainblocks Schutze Member
Bellhead Schutze Member
UnterSturm Schutze Member
Gotchasukr Schutze Member
Atlantic1 Schutze Member
AceGlass Schutze Member
Roto Schutze Member
Shipwreck Schutze Member
Efrukilr Schutze Member
SgtRedeye Schutze Member
OttoMoser Schutze Member
Stinger1 Schutze Member
Genodin Schutze Member
Siegreich Schutze Member
Salicious Schutze Member
Zerozt Schutze Member
Blackiedog Schutze Member
Black5 Schutze Member
Webco Schutze Member
Rcb Rekrut Member
Danielmr1 Rekrut Member
GroundLber Rekrut Member
Ronpaul Rekrut Member
Wolfstorm Rekrut Member
Sleeve Collar Member Name Squad Rank Position Status Home
MarkJf Rekrut Rekrut
Schtzdelta Rekrut Rekrut
CplLove Rekrut Rekrut
Wingspan Rekrut Rekrut
Pelton Rekrut Rekrut
91stab10 Rekrut Rekrut
ViG87 Rekrut Rekrut
Mrtn1738 Rekrut Rekrut
Kennypwn Rekrut Rekrut
Phantom6 Rekrut Rekrut
Talkert Rekrut Rekrut
Mastermuff Rekrut Rekrut
Orians Rekrut Rekrut
Grote Rekrut Rekrut
Ormond Rekrut Rekrut
Drunkcobra Rekrut Rekrut
Lowiz Rekrut Rekrut
Vkstachel Rekrut Rekrut
Heddrick Rekrut Rekrut
Sorrel Rekrut Rekrut
Aomame Rekrut Rekrut
Jedi13 Rekrut Rekrut
Bedford Rekrut Rekrut
Ksham Rekrut Rekrut
Spiitfire Rekrut Rekrut
Yozzi Rekrut Rekrut
Luxanna Rekrut Rekrut
TheTagger Rekrut Rekrut
Whiteice Rekrut Rekrut
Sirtisback Rekrut Rekrut
Xxnatoxx Rekrut Rekrut
Fishpond Rekrut Rekrut
Zentron Rekrut Rekrut
Lapma Rekrut Rekrut
Wrandom Rekrut Rekrut
Nachtwulf Rekrut Rekrut
Iscoced507 Rekrut Rekrut
Deet Rekrut Rekrut
Ltjgmantua Rekrut Rekrut
Seun1978 Rekrut Rekrut
Mcsloth Rekrut Rekrut
Lemmy Rekrut Rekrut
Filhawk Rekrut Rekrut
Princxpar Rekrut Rekrut
Arcas Rekrut Rekrut
Danlretav Rekrut Rekrut
SexyRommel Rekrut Rekrut
Bearimus Rekrut Rekrut
Bluedelta Rekrut Rekrut
Straberry Rekrut Rekrut
MWulf Rekrut Rekrut
Boogie5 Rekrut Rekrut
TyrOdinson Rekrut Rekrut
GearTen Rekrut Rekrut
Kill101 Rekrut Rekrut
Iacovelli Rekrut Rekrut
Jelle Rekrut Rekrut
Neoloki Rekrut Rekrut
Vermillion7 Rekrut Rekrut
Blackeagle Rekrut Rekrut
Vasinkld Rekrut Rekrut
Impulz Rekrut Rekrut
Lilcam Rekrut Rekrut
Mixmaster Rekrut Rekrut
Samuraison Rekrut Rekrut
Harryp Rekrut Rekrut
Rikawolff Rekrut Rekrut
JorMoul02 Rekrut Rekrut
AnchorSG Rekrut Rekrut
Mcsteamy6 Rekrut Rekrut
Spiderweb Rekrut Rekrut
Budder8820 Rekrut Rekrut
Betnicjac Rekrut Rekrut
JGalt87 Rekrut Rekrut
Hammervc Rekrut Rekrut
Johnnybones Rekrut Rekrut
Levellers Rekrut Rekrut
Joelmoreno Rekrut Rekrut
HavocBlast Rekrut Rekrut
Krugs Rekrut Rekrut
Ardire Rekrut Rekrut
Santau Rekrut Rekrut
Jesumatson Rekrut Rekrut
Boi Rekrut Rekrut
Workin925 Rekrut Rekrut
Our Fallen Comrades
Sleeve Collar Member Name Squad Rank Position Status Home
Fragthem Oberst Member
Buckeyes Hauptmann Member
Balkan Gefreiter Member
Members On Leave
Sleeve Collar Member Name Squad Rank Position Status Home
Duglas Oberst Member
Smgman Oberst Member
Sid49 Oberst Member
Schreber Major Member
Bigtel Major Member
Kip1213 Major Member
Messtin Major Member
Loz999 Major Member
Marcello Hauptmann Member
Acegacek Hauptmann Member
Vatpind Hauptmann Member
Fook Hauptmann Member
Tiger5 Hauptmann Member
Inertia8 Hauptmann Member
Piercer Hauptmann Member
Usedon Oberleutnant Member
Jafng Oberleutnant Member
Hopper57 Oberleutnant Member
I12cef Oberleutnant Member
Dareaper Leutnant Member
Crusher Hauptfeldwebel Member
Vinci Hauptfeldwebel Member
Rayder55 Feldwebel Member
Tivoli Unterfeldwebel Member
Petrini1 Unterfeldwebel Member
Letroll Stabsgefreiter Member
Dajammer Stabsgefreiter Member
Boatman Stabsgefreiter Member
Nomadic Hauptgefreiter Member
Teagle Hauptgefreiter Member
Tihker Hauptgefreiter Member
BiglezH Hauptgefreiter Member
Harrisc1 Obergefreiter Member
Tomclark Obergefreiter Member
Rainface Obergefreiter Member
IX Obergefreiter Member
G3A3 Gefreiter Member
Vonunke Schutze Member
Pakman Schutze Member

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