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Remember if you are mission leader and you are killed before you have an FRU up Make someone else mission leader so they can deploy one instead
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 Subject: August 2019 Aug 22, 2019 -- 18:51 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in WW2 Online!

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

- The squad uses Discord voice chat in-game for battle comms. Here is the link to the game’s discord server:


 Subject: July 2019 Jul 12, 2019 -- 23:38 (GMT) 
Welcome to the Newest WWII Online Volunteers:
Three veteran players have answered the call and are stepping up to fill important roles in the operation of the game.

IMBRUTUS: Joins as a CRS volunteer but before this she was instrumental in formation of the High Command Joint Training Command. Imbrutus revised the recruit officer training program and training materials and has led a staff of HC trainers from both the Allied and Axis side. In addition to this duty, she has agreed to assume the role of Lead High Command Recruitment Officer. So in addition to training HC applicants she will be actively recruiting new players into both high commands.

Pfmosquito: Joins our WWII Online volunteer team as Lead Game Trainer. He will be responsible for selection, training and administration of our Game Trainers. Players who become "Trainers" have access to a private chat channel and a few select GM tools to help them reach out to players who have questions or appear lost. When your in-game type .TR and you will see if any Trainers are online. Feel free to private message them for questions or use the Help chat channel. IF YOUR INTERESTED in becoming a Game Trainer send a forum email to pfmosquito and he will get back to you.

Catfive: Also joins our WWII Online volunteer team as Lead Forum Moderator. He will be responsible for monitoring the forums and acting on inappropriate posts or posts that violate the Terms of Service.

Thanks for stepping up folks! In this weeks Community News we announce the "exceptional" player so far in Campaign #165. Click the Read on link below to see who it is. We then present to you a soldiers short story on the defense of "any town" WWII Online. And Finally, 18th Anniversary Awards are being sent out! Read the full article below...

This weeks player award for exceptional activity so far in Campaign #165 goes to: GRETNINE

This player scores as Top Killer so far in this campaign with a whopping 668 kills. Over 200 kills more than the next competitor. Gretnine accomplished 668 kills in 242 sorties giving him a 4.54 kill/death ratio.

Add to that, Gretnine holds the top two slots for Top Kills in a Sortie. On June 27th he achieved 54 kills on a single mission with a Somua and later the same the day he wiped out 44 more in a Matilda. Those two sorties hold the number one and two slots! Congrats to Gretnine for outstanding play. As you can see he is his own force to be reckoned with!

A Soldiers Story for the battle of "any town" in WWII Online!

Coms were spotty as the 2 Allied tanks rolled up on the objective—in this case a position along an enemy likely avenue of approach. The veteran tankers were hyper-aware of how much danger they were in. The garrison supplies were getting to a critical point, thus they had moved to the objective in A13s. Being seen would start the clock on being killed. Luckily a couple of friendly Infantry also made the trip. Hopefully they would be effective in calling out targets, and keeping sappers away from the 2 tanks.

‘232 moving west!’ was the first call. 2 shots rang out, (one from each A13), and the 232 exploded. No need to reposition the tanks signaled each other, as there was little chance the 232 had seen us before expiring. ‘PzIII moving west!’ That call came from one of the Infantry. ‘No vis!’ the 2nd tank alerted the 1st. 1 shot rang out, and the PzIII stopped. Now smoking, the 2nd A13 was now able to get a visual, and 2 more shots rang out, resulting in one less PzIII. Still no need to reposition, as again, the enemy tank had died before being able to return fire.

One of the friendly Infantry, a sniper, fired once, dropping an enemy Infantry. Based on the timing, the 2nd A13 decided to move to a secondary firing position. The other A13 decided not to move, as he was far enough out that it was still pretty unlikely that he’d been seen and/or marked.
‘Opel!’ The Opel was dispatched with an HE round from the 1st A13. ‘HT audio!’ was followed quickly with ‘He is towing a pak!’ The first A13 said he’d handle the HT, leaving the Pak for the 2nd A13. Both targets destroyed in short order. Still no need existed to reposition either tank.

‘Infantry coming this way!’ Now the friendly Infantry became very important to the success of the mission. Maybe the Opel had managed to set an FMS before being dispatched. Both enemy Infantry were cut down by the friendly sniper, and a veteran with an SMG. The first A13 reported that ‘the odds are good I’ve been marked/seen now, but my position is good enough where I’m just not going to move’.

Back in the town that was under attack, the last depot was recapped, liberating the town. ‘No ET EWS’ meant that our efforts along the likely avenue of approach were having a positive effect. ‘PzIII south of the west road!’ The first A13 reported having no visual. The second A13 swung his turret to the right, and there the PzIII was, some 500M away, flanking south of the 2nd A13’s position. A shot rang out, and a 2lb AP round hit the enemy tank, tracking it. The 2nd shot put the PzIII’s main gun out of action, and the 3rd blew the turret off.

‘No EWS!’ was quickly followed up with the announcement that the enemy had recalled the attack on the town. ‘We were down to rifles, lol!’ someone in town reported, as the A13s, sniper, and SMG returned to town. A successful mission. - CinC Augetout.

18th Anniversary Awards

This year, we decided to track player sorties during our Anniversary events (June 6th through June 9th) and issue awards for the top and runner up players. Great battles were had, and many RAT lives were sacrificed (grrr!). An internal CRS bounty has been laid on kdped02's head wink

To claim your award, contact CHIMM via WWII Online Forums, or email with your home address, not a P.O. Box address. I reply to all communications with further instructions and/or package tracking numbers as they are sent out.

Trophies to be distributed:

Top RAT Exterminator kdped02
Top Killer dasei88
Top Bomber sbd1
Top Fighter mook2
Top Tanker dasei88
 Subject: May 2019 (Welcome back soldier) May 02, 2019 -- 13:07 (GMT) 
All Veteran players and new players signing up are about to receive FULL - PREMIUM ACCESS (for free) starting May 1st and running through May 15th. Now is the time to begin spreading the word, getting our veterans back into the forums and getting new players signed up ready to go in advance so they can have as smooth of a launch as possible. PREPARE FOR BATTLE - GET THE TROOPS FORMED UP! This will be the first welcome back soldier we have done in awhile and it will be the first with the all new "Hybrid Supply" system which is restoring old school WWII Online battles where attrition and supply truly matters. Reminder: This Sunday is a Rat Chat with Xoom (details for that here). Keep reading for more details on the WBS event launching May 1st!

We will launch WBS on May 1st 2019 and running it through to May 15th 2019. You do not need to do ANYTHING except show up, whether you are a veteran or new player. Our goal is to pack the server and make the game really exciting for everyone. All you need to do is keep logging in and helping to make battles really fun.

Users must have an account to WWII Online. Sign up now at

Returning user? If you need help with getting your old account in order, let us know right away at

Head over now and setup Discord voice comms at

If you have friends who are on Steam they can also login and use the WBS event access. All users (organic and steam) will be placed on the SAME CAMPAIGN server to maximize total participation.

During this time we need to have exceptional game play opportunities available for everyone. For many it'll be their first time trying out premium and we expect things to get pretty busy. Leaders being around and available to direct players and provide attack objectives will be critical to maintaining high population levels.

The Rats need YOUR HELP to spread the word by contacting soldiers and rallying them up. Squads should be working extra at this time to reconnect with their old pals and get them formed up.

Send players to to quickly create an account and download the game. Be available to help your friends through to make sure it goes smoothly. They need you to communicate with them and guide them through the initial learning curve. It is highly recommended to get them in asap for training, so when WBS turns on they can appreciate it to the fullest.

World War II Online
Version - Late April 29th 2019

This release is a hotfix for issues that came up with the latest release.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue that was allowing Spawnable missions to exist even though the FB was blown
Corrected a issue causing friendly FBs to flip to enemy whenever a town was liberated
Updated the right click menu to show Airforce Brigades whenever the town has become Frontline
Fixed the issue that was not allowing a currently spawned player to re-cap or communicate whenever they lost a town
Fixed the cause for players randomly changing sides whenever their town changed sides
Updated the UI in order to resolve an issue that was causing supply to be inaccessible whenever they despawned the last weapon
Corrected the issue that was allowing LMGs and AT units to still move while reloading
Fixed the cause for allowing units to be overstocked after warping to a depot
 Subject: April 2019 Apr 05, 2019 -- 01:43 (GMT) 
Hybrid Supply - Beta Review by Allied CinC Bondpaul
This past Sunday, was the day that we have long been waiting for. It was the first day of “Closed” Beta Testing of 1.36, and your High Command Officers and Builders were invited to participate in this week long test. If all goes well, meaning that we do not find major issues that can’t be corrected right away, then next week 1.36 will be offered for “Open” Beta Testing, letting you come in to learn the changes that 1.36 offers.

Keep in mind that this is a “Major” change to how we conducted operations before. This is what I have learned so far about 1.36.

Every front line Town will have a garrison. They will be either French or British, and later American. The initial setup for the Campaign will determine which Towns start as which.

Every Town, behind the front-line Town, will also have a garrison. At the Start the Campaign, these Towns will be the same Nationality as the front-line Town they are behind.

High Command will have the option of changing the Towns Nationality, but there will be a supply penalty, supply will drain to zero then trickle in the new supply. About 15 hours from start to finish.

When we take a Town, High Command will be given 15 minutes to decide what Nationality that Town will be, French, British, or later American. If no choice is given, the system will choose the Nationality of the Town by the Nationality of the Force that took it. So, if a French Garrison took the town, and HC
did nothing, the Town will then be French.

When the Nationality has been decided, either by HC or by System, it will take another 10 minutes for supply to start to trickle in.

NOW here is a big thing to remember. Normally when we have taken a Town, we all despawn and move to another battle. Now it is going to take time for supply to come in, so now we have to stay in the Town and defend it until supply come in. Axis could place a counter-AO on it once we have taken the Town, run efms out and start recapping it before supply gets in. So we will have to defend the Towns we take for a bit. So, please do not despawn right away.

We also have our traditional Divisions, two of them, that we can move around to augment supply and use Offensively. The timers that we are use to are still there when moving into front-line towns, so being that we have supply in all the towns already, I would suggest to keep them in secondary towns until we actually need them. This way they can move in 15 min, around back instead of 1 hour moving back and then additional time moving where we need them.

Garrisons can be over-supplied by 100%. However, they have to come from the same Country, i.e. French to French, British to British, American to American. Our Divisions “cannot” be used to over-supply a garrison.

This “closed” beta testing is being used as a learning experience and next week it will be hopefully opened to all of you to learn. Then after a week or two of that we can then start an “Official” Campaign.

Allies, I truly believe that you will enjoy 1.36. It is very easy to learn, as it always has supply and we will have movable supply. We will always have navy, air force, and paras, in those towns that have airports and/or docks.
We all get to use those supplies that we like the best. More Fun for all! Looking forward to seeing you all in 1.36.

 Subject: March 2019 Mar 03, 2019 -- 12:26 (GMT) 
Campaign 161 Begins
Campaign 161 started off with a bang as we started in Tier 3 - 1944 equipment. This decision was made by CRS leaders as the Allies have had little playtime with the USA personas, and the new British toys (M10 Achilles and Sherman Firefly Mk IC) since they were introduced. The last two Campaigns have been dominated by the Axis who claimed victory just as the Tier 3 equipment rolled in. Among the excitement for Campaign 161 is the map expansion See the Readme below. Allies have made a dash for the new Holland towns North of the Zeeland area, can the Axis hold their territory? Log in to find out!

The patch included MANY terrain bug fixes, adjusted content, and new towns in Paris and Holland. Listed below is the last two sections of the readme, click here to read the full patch release notes.

Adjusted Content

All Training Grounds have been moved to Area51

The new Barracks have been further optimized

Removed an extra road in Reims

Moved the Waterloo city flag icon so it wasn't so far away on the map

Enabled damage to the Dinant Road Bridge

Removed the extra Dinant Rail Bridge

New Content

The new Pentagon and Town Bunkers have been added to some of the new Towns

The Americans now have a Training Area at Area51

Added towns: Torcy-Le-Petit, Charlois, Scheveningen, Oostvoorne, Brielle, Briell - Maassluis Ferry, Rozenburg, Pernis, Ridderkerk, Hoek Van Holland, Maassluis, Rotterdam, Gouda, Zoetermeer, Delft, Monster, Scheveningen, Den Haag, Saint Valery en Caux, Cany Barville, Fecamp, St.Aubin Sur Scie, Saint Laurent en Caux, Yerville, Totes, Saint Saens and St.Martin-Osmonville

Added Coastal's Armory for the Field Marshall fundraiser

Added additional links from England to the new French towns

21 MARCH 2019

Today we've returned the OPS or Operations channel as our primary way of communicating missions and directing fellow players to battle. Everyone's default F5 channel has been made to OPS. If you prefer to relocate that channel to a different selection, do so, but you'll want to keep that channel tuned going forward. Side channel has been replaced with ORIGIN chat (anyone coming from the same town regardless of mission or target), and may be retuned (if you want), but new players will not have it tuned by default. OPS is intended to be a focused communication channel to aggregate players throughout the game world for missions. Effective today it is now the standard and should always be tuned.
Lots of vital information here as we prepare to get into Closed / Open Beta, and the eventual release of 1.36 (Hybrid Supply). Every player needs to read this, save it, ask questions and prepare for what's coming. This is the low down of all important information and will be updated to answer any important questions that we may have missed. 1.36 Hybrid Supply discussion should take place in the forums (here).

There are a few different types of Garrisons located across the game world. Towns can only have ONE Garrison owner.

Army Garrison
Located across the entire frontline
Located one town adjacent to the frontline (rear supply)
Located at every Air Field
Located at every Naval Port and Dock
Air Force Garrison
Located at every Air Field
Except when they are frontline (must be buffered)
Paratrooper Garrison
Located at every Air Field
Always available, including no buffer
Naval Garrison
Located at every Naval Port and Dock
What is a Buffered Air Field? As with today’s brigade system, it means that all linking towns must be owned by your side. Once that is achieved, your Air Force Garrison becomes activated.

There are 4 types of towns.

Frontline - Frontline town is any town that directly links to an enemy town.
Backline - Backline town is any town that is diectly linked to a Frontline town but not linked to an enemy town.
Reserve - Reserve town is any town that contains an Airfield or Naval Dock/Port that is neither Frontline or Backline.
Inactive - Inactive town is any town that is not Frontline, Backline or Reserve.
Garrison supply will be a combination of our recent work on the Infantry and Armored Brigade units. So they’ll be a bit more diverse in their supply and have more options available since Garrisons will be all over.

All of the mechanics of moving Garrison supply is all handled by the system. Players will only have an interaction in determining country ownership as described below and primarily for the Allies, since the Germans only have one persona to manage.

An Army Garrison will continue to provide supply to all owned Depots and Armybases until ALL facilities are captured. (Can not bounce an Army Garrison)

Upon successfully capturing a Garrison, there will be a 10 minute delay before your newly captured Garrison becomes active and supply starts to trickle in. However it is safe to immediately despawn your supply and reserve it at the Garrison, providing your equipment matches the Garrison country owner.

You will then establish a new frontline town and receive full (100%) supply that trickles in over a 60 minute period. Your previous rear line Garrisons will be deactivated as the line moves forward, and new adjacent supply (Rear Garrisons) will be established.

This is key to the design in reducing the workload and management of HC officers to handle supply maneuvers, and offering more supply to players throughout WWII Online.

When the Allies capture a town, the High Command will be given a grace period of time of [ 10 minutes ] to select which country they want to own the newly captured town. That will either be the British, French or US (when they’re available).

If they do not manually select which country owner will take the newly captured town, the system will automatically give it to the country where the attack order originated from.

So if the original AO was placed by someone in a British owned country, then that town will become British unless HC selects otherwise within that 10 minute period.

Visible warnings will appear for High Command Officers counting down the time
 Subject: February 2019 Feb 17, 2019 -- 13:38 (GMT) 
2019 Roadmap Under Development
Fortunately the 2019 Roadmap is nearly completed and is going through some final checks. It will include items not delivered (but are currently in progress) from 2018 and new items not yet announced. You should be prepared to see a variety of items from both Development and Production. We will be doing another fundraiser this year so get prepared for that as well - details to follow upon 2019 roadmap being published.

Greater transparency of Development efforts
It is our intent at Cornered Rat Software to keep you all aware of Development progress as best as we can. To further continue our tradition of being an actively engaged developer, we've decided that upon the 2019 Roadmap being outlined we will be providing a public facing Trello. The objective is to show you development progress in a public manner so you can follow along. Of course it will not include every nook and cranny of detail, but our hope is to show you at a relatively easy glance the moving parts and their current stages of development / integration.

JG51 is the first Squad back with HC
Congratulations to Squad "JG51" for completing the requirements of getting involved with the High Command program. They'll be receiving their Squad name on a Brigade within the user interface of WWII Online. To learn more about this program and how your Squad can receive the same check out our "Squads wanted for HC" article. Be sure to let your Squad know about this program and the benefits involved with become part of the collective TEAM effort of your side.

LUFTWAFFE - 3.Jg II.Gruppe Command (JG51)

MINGUS, Kommandeur der II.Gruppe
RWS, Stellvertr Kommandeur der II.Gruppe
HEYULOOK, IIa IM Stab der II.Gruppe
You can join the High Command as well!

Apply to become an Axis Officer
Apply to become an Allied Officer
Axis CinC Commentary (Lafleur)
Axis forces flipped the balance of power on the Map by the end of the first week Campaign 160, from 55%/45% of towns being Allied at the start to 55%/45% Axis at the beginning of Week 2. Severe supply problems hampered the Axis advance through the weekend, with Allied RDP raids reducing capacity from our factories and creating a significant time delay in restocking equipment as compared to Allied units. However, the Luftwaffe rallied through interdiction of Allied bombing raids and counterstrikes on Allied factories. By the beginning of Week 2, Axis factories were back in action to levels equal to the Allies, restoring much needed supplies to our front lines.

Week 2 also brought strong Allied counterattacks on towns just west of the center and south river lines. Fierce battles raged all week around Grandpre, with Axis High Command having to work around the clock to keep our foothold in the southwest. In the Center, the Allies recaptured Couvin and threatened to push our units back to the river. However, as of midweek our forces had recaptured Couvin and moved our lines even further westward. Battles in the north featured a tug of war for Lier and Schilde, with the Allies desperately trying to dislodge our units around Antwerp. These efforts failed in the face of stiff Axis defense.

Of particular importance in each of our victories and successful defensive battles this week was excellent coordination between the Luftwaffe and Heer to keep bridges down and provide combat air support for our boots on the ground. Luftwaffe Branch Commander Rustylk and his brave pilots have made a big difference in the past week, but we need to continue to provide timely and accurate intelligence to the Luftwaffe on Channel 20 about ground targets and bridges that need their attention and Allied air activity over our areas of operation.

I'd like to officially welcome aboard "BMBM" as our newest RAT at Cornered Rat Software. Bmbm has been responsible for many of the recent work pertaining to new vehicle implementation and is consistently learning how to grow and build our content set. He's also been helping with the implementation of reworked spawn lists aiming to make them more historical.

Also, I'd like to congratulate "TMAN" on stepping up to the Community Manager role. BLKHWK8 will be moving over to the Assistant Community Manager role and continue supporting the Allied Forces along with the CM / CRS team.

And last but not least, I'd like to congratulate "PITTPETE" on becoming our second newest member of CRS. He'll be stepping up to the Support Team Lead where he'll be helping our customers with technical and billing support. Pittpete has been doing this very successfully for sometime now and is deeply dedicated to the success of WWII Online.

If you're interested in participating at CRS, please check out for technical and non-technical opportunities.

We're excited to announce that after a lot of planning and preparation we'll be transitioning the Campaign experience to include new "HALF" years. You'll continue to see Tier 0, Tier 1 and so on according to the database and in-game world. But these new tiers means equipment will be introduced into the Campaign a little differently.

You can see what that looks like with all of the Tiers laid out in advance by going to our Premium Discussions are in the "Barracks."

Join the forum discussion here!

This is a really important Terrain Pack that is nearly ready for deployment - going through the final checks of testing as we speak.

Here are some of the important notes about the release (official readme to follow around release time):

NEW! Remake of the original bunkers that you've been asking to return! Available in a variety of newer cities.
City Bunker
Pentagon Fortress Bunker
Massive expansion in southern France.
Expansion in Holland, more towns in the Zealand Islands.
Rotterdam is a new key city.
Den Haag moved and completely redone.
Two new Airfields in the northern section of the Zealand's.
More links to England.
More details to be announced with official readme.

 Subject: January 2019 Jan 05, 2019 -- 02:24 (GMT) 
2019 is starting off with a "BANG" as players abuse(?) the new Christmas Toys! The snow has melted and CRS has hit the roads by adding new towns - thanks to Merlin51. Who knew he worked in the construction industry, right??? Also in this report, a quick synopsis from XOOM's New Year Report, Campaign #159 reports, and a Squad highlight!

XOOM's New Year Report
We hope everyone has had the chance to read the report sent on December 31st. As most of you know, this past year was a milestone for CRS, especially the Christmas release, which was the biggest equipment patch this team has accomplished! All our team members have done an amazing job and overcome huge obstacles. That being said, 2019 is going to blow 2018 out of the water!

Terrain Updates Inbound
As with most of CRS members, the holidays did not slow down Merlin51 - our main terrain editor guru. We had mentioned extending the map previously and it is now getting into SCKING and the Quality Assurance Team's hands! A lot of blood, sweat, and tears have gone into the future terrain update and I think Merlin51 will be ready for a vacation after its release lol. The proposed patch includes many current "terrain" issues as well

Thank you Merlin51 for all your hard work SALUTE!

Squad Highlight
WESTY91, our Assistant Community Manager, is looking to showcase the squads of WWII Online. The goal is to create squad awareness to new players so they can join a squad that may resonate with their individual game style.

 Subject: September 2018 Sep 07, 2018 -- 20:14 (GMT) 
Today we'll be talking about rolling back the HE "Penetration Constant" portion of our recent audit, which will revert changes specifically how bombs are impacting hard targets (vehicles specifically). We'd also like to place a rally call for troops to show up online and surge the virtual battlefield by logging in at 10AM Server Time (US Central) on this Sunday, September 9th. Remember, all veteran soldiers have a FREE Rifleman account and are eligible to join even if their premium subscription is currently inactive. This is a great time for all to join up and play - set a reminder and let your squad mates know!


CRS has been carefully examining player feedback in and out of the game, and we've made the decision to roll back the changes which effect how bombs impact (penetrate) armor. This means that bombs will become viable again towards blowing up tanks and all other vehicles to their previous standards. The changes in the first place were made to steer more towards historical realities, and while we were close we need to invest some more time into how they function so that it effectively penetrates armor more appropriately.

Please do note, not all elements of the HE audit will be rolled back, specifically referencing fragmentation, will be the new version. This is good because it means the bombs frag counts were much higher, resulting into greater casualties / effectiveness.

These changes will be placed into the game with urgency, just as soon as we can.

We're calling ALL soldiers to login to your side this Sunday at 10AM Server Time, that's 8AM Pacific, 11AM Eastern and 6PM GMT. Be sure to be on Discord (voice comms) found at

For the duration of the event, Free Players will receive access to the "LIGHT ARMOR & MEDIUM ARMOR" DLC Packs. We'll monitor their supply closely and make sure there's plenty to be had. This will not effect regular supply pools as they are their own separate supply.

Remember both organically and on Steam, you are able to now play WWII Online for FREE as a Rifleman.

Take this time to recruit a new friend to the game and get them ready for Sunday. Reach out to fellow WWII Onliners of the past and get them here to play on Sunday. HC Officers are requested to be around in force to support this effort and keep troops organized and moving.

That's all for now soldier, execute the mission!


 Subject: August Aug 22, 2018 -- 21:20 (GMT) 
Bug Fixes

While CRS continues their work on the massive 2018 Road Map, the teams have worked up a release that focuses on some known bug issues. SCKING and his team have been testing nonstop to ensure these bugs have been squashed. No date has been given for this release. We will keep you informed.

QA (Quality Assurance) Team has embraced a new team member, tr6al. Welcome!

My favorite quote from OLDZEKE, "Our job is to breaks things." I think he has a new QA team motto?


The WWII Online Forums lit up from topics like "Returning Vet Check-In" and "One time purchase DLC's coming to Steam!" are the hottest threads in the General Forums. For those with subscriptions, the Barracks and Hanger Forums have seen some heated discussions as well. From "RDP attacks on allied factories is impossible for Axis" to "Who are you?", there's always something going on. Jump in there and get in on the discussions! There's always Off Topic if you're bored... lol

World War II Online

Version - August 2018
Bug Fixes

The black tree trunks (normal maps) have been fixed
The FMB railings should now stop infantry from falling overboard
Invisible FB tents have been fixed for the Wuust-Oost FB, Prum-Hillesheim FB, Spontin-Dinant FB, Couvin-Vireaux FB, Conde-Leuz FB and Tienen-Leuven FB
The default Keymap was adjusted on Bofors and 88s so that reverse and the brake do not get applied at the same time
Fixed the Mol-Leopoldsburg FB that was clipped into a berm
An ATG Pit has been removed from a building in Bergen Op Zoom
Corrected a few issues with AI Pits from Thionville, Andenne, Antwerp and Oostmalle
Spelling for the Diest-Hasselt Depot has been corrected
Corrected a few spelling mistakes in the Manuals

Adjusted Content

The .factories command now outputs its info horizontally and adds the factory town abbreviation
The British C47 has been renamed to the Dakota
The different Level of Details (LODs) for trees has been adjusted in order to make them closer in appearance
The infantry movement keymappings have been update to keep in line with the industry standards
The default mission orders have been updated to remove old information
The ability to zoom out in most maps has been greatly enhanced so that players can see more of the map at once
The Steam email verification information has been updated
The Steam Upsell message has been changed to reflect changes with DLCs
Mandatory Training has been reverted back to only showing Training Suggestions
The MG151 has been updated to have a tracer round again
The Sky color has been updated to appear more blue

New Content

The US Paratroopers have been added with the C47 Skytrain, SMG, Sapper, Sniper, Mortarman, AR and Assault units
Field Marshall fundraiser rewards have been added to the map for Lafleur (Leuze), Kilo (Spa) and Ness (Sandwich)
Downloadable Content (DLCs) for Steam players have been added for the Leadership Pack, Paratrooper Pack, Light AA Gun Pack, Light AT Pack, Light Armor Pack, Medium Armor Pack, Combat Fighter Pack and the Reserve Pack
Adds a new "NCO" Infantry class, it has an smg, ammo can (1) and allows for placing an ammo cache PPO (available for Hero Builders & Leadership DLC)
Adds a new "Ammo Bearer" Infantry class, it has ammo cans (4) and a rifle (available for Hero Builders & Leadership DLC)

S! Cornered Rat Software
 Subject: July News Jul 02, 2018 -- 20:26 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Game News

1.36 Dev Update
One of Cornered Rat Software's primary objectives for 2018 is introducing "Hybrid Supply" into the game. In case you haven't been keeping up with some of the forum discussions and news posts about 1.36, Hybrid Supply is a major change to the way World War II Online handles spawn supply. 1.36 remains a significant priority and is under active development. All contents within represent a work in progress and may not be the final outcome.

Currently, the game features a mix of Land, Sea, and Air divisions and brigades which appear as flags on the map. These flags contain lists of equipment and supply that players can choose from and spawn in to the game world. Players that join High Command for their side can issue move orders and establish fallbacks for them.

Hybrid Supply will change this system by introducing static flags that populate every single town in the game world, with adjustments made based on the facilities the town has. These static flags will be known as "Garrisons". Every town with an Army Base will receive an Army Garrison, and towns with more than one Army Garrison will have additional Army supply. Every town with an Airfield will receive an Airforce Garrison and an Airborne Garrison. Every town with a Dock will receive a Naval Garrison, and towns with more than one Dock will have additional Naval supply.

However, these Garrisons will only appear on the map and be active for player use if:

The town is adjacent to a town controlled by an enemy (Frontline).
The town is adjacent to a Frontline town (Backline).
The town has at least one Dock or Airfield.

This means that every battle for a town will have supply available for both sides to spawn, and every battle can be reinforced with supply from towns behind the front lines. The only uncontested battles in the game for 1.36 and beyond will be battles where one side chooses not to spawn in. These battles will be able to receive support from Airforce and Navy elements located across the map.

Once a town is captured, the static Garrisons will change ownership to the Side that captured the town, and their supply lists will change to reflect the country that now owns the town. This is of particular concern to the Allied Side, which has three different countries. Some logic will be used to determine the default owner upon a capture based on total town ownership percentages, but Allied High Command will also be supplied with tools to change ownership with some restrictions also based on total town ownership percentages.

Movable flags as we currently have in the game will still exist, though in a reduced number with greatly reduced supply. Any given Garrison will have more supply than a movable flag. This eliminates the burden placed on High Command to ensure that supply is available for their Side in order to fight, but keeping the movable flags will continue to allow High Command to affect the strategic layer of the game with clever deployments.

Overall, Cornered Rat Software intends for Hybrid Supply to accomplish the following objectives:

Eliminate the burden caused by over-reliance on High Command players.
Eliminate uncontested gameplay.
Encourage better fights over larger terrain by allowing players to pull supply from behind the front lines.

With all of that said and out of the way, the question almost certainly on the community's mind is: Where is CRS at in regards to 1.36 and Hybrid Supply development?

The Development team, with assistance from Game Management, has finally been able to stock every town in the game with Garrison supply. Even getting this far has been a challenge for a number of reasons.

First, the Development team hasn't been able to focus solely on 1.36 development. Apple announced earlier this year that they will no longer support 32-bit applications on their Macintosh operating systems, which includes WWII Online. The team has been hard at work trying to update the game to 64-bit before the deadline imposed by Apple. Additionally, Development has been tasked with supporting other elements of the game, such as fixing bugs, implementing new features, and supporting other teams at CRS so they can accomplish their own goals.

Second, the Development team has had to spend significant time understanding how the current supply system is set up and how it functions. This means looking at both the database and the game code, discovering what is and isn't possible, and documenting how things work for future development. Some of the code the new CRS team inherited is quite old, and littered with things that can unexpectedly trip up the Development team, like the game thinking all the new Garrisons are actually HQs!


Currently the Game Manager is analyzing a proposal that the Production team has assembled. It's quite a big adjustment to how we have supply and we've started with baseline historical numbers on a per unit basis. The objective is to provide more accurate spawn lists in terms of the number of vehicles available. Naturally we have to weigh this against game play and having fun, as with all things there's only so far into the realm of 100% reality we can go towards. But this has turned in to a good discussion point and the team is representing both sides very well.

In terms of when this will be implemented, let me be sure to say it's not something that we want to "rush." But it is something the guys are actively working to achieve.

An acknowledgement here on this particular topic is important for you to know that we're listening and reading the .reports, .bugs and seeing your concerns in the forums. I've asked our team to dig into this a little bit more to see how are auto-despawn is working and make sure that the grace that we provide for lower end connections can be properly balanced with making sure that those with a quality connection are healthy.

The Game Manager has a set of tools and will be getting some more reports from our development team soon to paint a good picture about what's going on. We can tighten up this, but it will be a little less forgiving for folks with a bad connection. That is the most immediate thing we can do. Otherwise evaluating where code improvements can be made is also significant, however with our current work flow being placed on 64-bit and 1.36, resources are hard to spare.

I'd like to know more about what you think on this, particularly, would you like to see CRS tighten up the reigns here a little bit and be less forgiving for lower end connections?

HATCH was able to determine what was going on with the guns acting up and we've assigned an artist to go inside of the FLT files to correct the issue. So far we've updated two guns and will be updating more that are being affected. As soon as these are ready we'll put them up for release and roll them into the game, and announce which guns are being fixed as soon as possible.

This was one of those "top game breaking bugs" that was announced and it's something we're happy to report good movement on. We'll keep you posted.

We know that there's a lot you'd guys like us to accomplish, and we also know that when we develop a Roadmap and set expectations for what we're going to accomplish that we need to do everything in our power to deliver on that. Right now we're pretty tapped in our development resources on their current objectives. It's a tough balance to maintain but we're compelled to do the best we can to meet your expectations and deliver results for WWII Online.

The goal of writing this part is just a reminder to be patient and understand that although time has gone on a bit, the same difficulties in staffing and timeline to implementation continues to exist. Your grace is appreciated and your desire to get results is warranted undoubtedly.
 Subject: June 2018 Jun 02, 2018 -- 01:38 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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Game News

Bug Fixes

Kinetic Energy (KE) values for multiple rounds have been updated to more closely reflect historic numbers (almost every unit is affected)
High Explosive (HE) shrapnel for multiple rounds and bombs has been updated to more closely reflect historic numbers (almost every unit is affected)
The Sapper in game tags seem to have reverted back to being Engineers, this is now fixed again
Overmatch calculations have been added to the KE projectiles
Turret speed and ammunition reload times have been adjusted to reflect historic numbers for a number of different tanks
Bunker windows have been further closed up to prevent grenades from being thrown through them
The Carcano rifle's audio has been updated to be more realistic
Numerous unit names that appear on the despawn screen have been updated
Both StuGs and the StuH should now change Level of Detail (LOD) at the same ranges
The French and German FMBs now have the ability for infantry to ride on them by pressing "j" just as is with the British FMB

New Content

The Axis get the StuH 42 (Assault Gun) for a Close Support (C/S) role
The Allies get both the Crusader III C/S and Churchill V C/S tanks
Smoke rounds have been added to the M4A2 Sherman and Churchill VII tanks
The Granny library, which allows for infantry, for the PC client has been upgraded to the latest version
Translations for the new units have been added
The credits have been updated to reflect new changes to team members

New Vehicles being introduced:

Axis: Stug H Will be Tier 3
Allied: Crusader 3 CS will be Tier 2 and Churchill V CS will also be Tier 2

World War II Online: Version - June 2018

Bug Fixes

Allied satchel damage reduced to match the German satchels (post HE Audit)
Fixed an issue with German and Italian riflemen having Allied satchels
Reduced the max damage needed to take down an FB to match the reduction of the satchel damage
Fixed the reload time and sound for the M1 ATG

New Content

In Game Polls once again work and will show up on the Welcome screen right after logging in
Satchels now look better from the third person view

We're pleased to report that we now have an assigned art team working on short term corrections to existing environment art issues. This team is also currently evaluating our options with SpeedTree. One of our first goals is to see how we can smooth the transition of how trees are populated (rendered) through the game, particularly as you're a pilot flying by at faster speeds. We also really want to resolve how the coloration seems to be off from close up trees to more distant trees, a very different green hue then it should be.

So a big thanks to Xl2Rippr and Mkw for their efforts so far, and to the Terrain team Merlin51 and Five who are helping them out greatly.

While we don't have specific control updates to announce yet, we can tell you that there are some keys that come as quite a bit of a shock (un-natural) to players who are joining our game for the first time. It's safe to say that it would make sense to improve things for a new persons experience so they can more easily learn how to play and enjoy WWII Online.

We should also note we're taking a close look at making mouse sensitivity smoother and more natural, as somewhere along the line it got a little bit rougher. More to follow on this one.

For several of our new players who are riding on a vehicle, looking around is a welcome thing to do. As it stands right now you need to press the "N" key to activate free look, to use your mouse to move the infantry camera point of view. We're discussing the feasibility to make it auto-activate when you jump onto a vehicle's riding position as an infantryman, and auto-deactivate it once jumping off. We think this will help them more easily examine the game world and improve immersion / situational awareness.

There's been discussion and a request for evaluation placed into the queue to see if it's possible for us to allow a user to press free look while on the run, so that you must hold it, then as you let go it would automatically snap back into the forward looking position. The key to activate free look will also change, very likely to be the LEFT-ALT key (to be determined). We think this would really improve a users experience in the field and help them check their surroundings with great accuracy and speed. The old Q+E keys have panned the head 90 degrees left and right for a good while, but it's snapping back and forth isn't smooth and you have an area where you can miss important items (11 o'clock and 1 o'clock can be missed).

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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: May 2018 Feb 06, 2018 -- 01:14 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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Game News

Bug Fixes

Kinetic Energy (KE) values for multiple rounds have been updated to more closely reflect historic numbers (almost every unit is affected)
High Explosive (HE) shrapnel for multiple rounds and bombs has been updated to more closely reflect historic numbers (almost every unit is affected)
The Sapper in game tags seem to have reverted back to being Engineers, this is now fixed again
Overmatch calculations have been added to the KE projectiles
Turret speed and ammunition reload times have been adjusted to reflect historic numbers for a number of different tanks
Bunker windows have been further closed up to prevent grenades from being thrown through them
The Carcano rifle's audio has been updated to be more realistic
Numerous unit names that appear on the despawn screen have been updated
Both StuGs and the StuH should now change Level of Detail (LOD) at the same ranges
The French and German FMBs now have the ability for infantry to ride on them by pressing "j" just as is with the British FMB

New Content

The Axis get the StuH 42 (Assault Gun) for a Close Support (C/S) role
The Allies get both the Crusader III C/S and Churchill V C/S tanks
Smoke rounds have been added to the M4A2 Sherman and Churchill VII tanks
The Granny library, which allows for infantry, for the PC client has been upgraded to the latest version
Translations for the new units have been added
The credits have been updated to reflect new changes to team members

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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: Update: December 16, 2017 Dec 17, 2017 -- 04:44 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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Game Patch 1.35.10 has been released. Some of the highlights of the new patch include:

1. New vehicles have been added - Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft (SPAA) Units:

* SdKfz 7/2 Halftrack (Axis)
* Crusader III AA Mk1 (Allied)

Note: The new SPAA units will be available in Tier 1 (not Tier 0).

2. The un-killable infantry bug has been fixed

3. One source of "Death Lag" has been fixed.

4. Game Interface now supports multiple languages: (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese).

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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: Members meeting 16-11-2017 Nov 16, 2017 -- 14:36 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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!S 91st Soldaten.

16-11-2017 Alliad Forces Vitorious in campain #146

Congrats to the AHQ,

CAMPAIN #147 starts 18-11-2017 18:00 Server time

Campain #147 will commence soon !!! get the grease out of youre weapoons and prepare for a new WAR !!

All 91st members should be ingame on Saturday 18-11-2017
The T4 leaders ships want to have a members meet and need to have as many as possible online.

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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: Axis Victorious Campain 143 Oct 17, 2017 -- 14:37 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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Officers Check our officer Section !!! On our Forum ...

We want to setup a Meeting so we need youre INPUT !!!

17-10-2017 Campain 143 Axis has Claimed the Victory

Congrats 91st and Axis

Lets make it 3 in a row guys

19-10-2017 Campain 144 has started !!


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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: Axis Victorious Campain 142 Oct 09, 2017 -- 15:13 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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18-09-2017 game has been releases on steam world wide !!!! get in the game now !!!

08-10-2017 Axis Victorious in campain 142

Congrats 91st and Axis to our quick Victory

08-10-2017 Campain 143 has starting with Operation Plunder


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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: Allieds Win Campain 141 Sep 29, 2017 -- 13:43 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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18-09-2017 game has been releases on steam world wide !!!! get in the game now !!!

29-09-2017 Allied Victorious in campain 141

It sure was a good campain and we fought hard but in the end we drew the short straw

Get ready for campain 142


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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: 25-09-2017 Sep 25, 2017 -- 15:25 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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18-09-2017 game has been releases on steam world wide !!!! get in the game now !!!

Congrats to our new CO UnterSturm

Saturday 23rd Training was a good Overall Succes .. Thanks all vets for stepping up and Teachthe new members some tricks .


Big !S

Keep Leading the sqaud VERY IMPORTANT !!

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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: New CO and World Wide Steam Release Sep 19, 2017 -- 11:53 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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18-09-2017 game has been releases on steam world wide !!!! get in the game now !!!

Congrats to our new CO UnterSturm

Saturday 23rd we will have a Mandatory Training on the training server.

Starting 12:00 PST 15:00 EST 19:00 GMT 21:00 Amsterdam time

If u can not be there Post it on our Forums in the Training topic at the MEMBERS Section...!!

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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.
 Subject: Steam Release Aug 23, 2017 -- 21:24 (GMT) 

- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

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GAME NEWS (September 2017)


Server population has increased! Get in game now!

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1. 91st Squad days are still on Saturdays. Prime time is usually between 3pm - 6pm (EST USA). Sundays are also very busy days for squad.

2. The Squad has switched to Discord voice chat for battle comms in game. The server info can be found in the Squad Message of the Day in the Squad Tab in game.

 Subject: Discord & Development News Feb 19, 2017 -- 21:46 (GMT) 


- The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'

- To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1. VOICE CHAT: WW2 Online has switched to a program called DISCORD for voice communications in game. (TeamSpeak will no longer be supported by CRS). To setup Discord check the Squad Tab "Message of the Day" in game for the download and server links. (More detailed instructions can be found in the Announcements Section in the Members Forum of the 91st website).

2. GAME DEVELOPMENT NEWS: CRS has announced that some new equipment is coming to WW2 Online: They are planning to add new "tank buster" aircraft models to the game - including the Stuka 87-G2 (axis), Airacobra (US & French), and the Hurricane MkIID (British).

Also planned are new self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery (SPAA) units for the game - including a SDkf27 halftrack with Flak 28 for the Axis, and self-propelled bofors on a crusader chassis the allies.

3. STEAM: Work by CRS to move the game onto Steam continues. The current road map for the game is targeting Summer 2017 for a Steam release. (Note: this is the current best estimate for release - the timeline could get pushed back depending on the development process).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

That's all the news for now. We hope to see all the 91st members (old and new) online. Saturdays are still squad days in game.

Salute !!!
 Subject: Happy Holidays !!!! Dec 23, 2016 -- 23:52 (GMT) 
Salute to all 91st members!

We want to wish everyone a happy holidays!

CRS is running a Welcome Back Soldier promotion over the Holiday season (Dec. 23, 2016 - Jan. 03, 2017). All veteran accounts are reactivated for this period. Free-to-play accounts have premium access to all the equipment and CRS is offering pricing discounts for returning subscriptions.

Its a good time to return to the game and check out the new changes from the last patch which include a new Fortified Mobile Spawn FMS) - the FMS is harder to destroy than the old FRU, and it can spawn light ATGs and AAA guns. There are also other new Player-Placed Objects (PPOs) such as tank barricades, ammo caches and sandbags. Also, the Axis 109 aircraft has had its flight characteristics improved.

And in case you have been living in the woods the past year here is a summary of some of the other main gameplay changes introduced in 2016: truck-only placed FRUs / MS were reintroduced, FBs are much harder to destroy now. Spawn Delay has been reduced to 30 seconds max. Cap timers are faster for the underpop side. A new infantry combat predictor code has been introduced.

All the above changes has improved gameplay significantly. Come join the 91st Squad In game - The current campaign is a close fight so far!

Teamspeak server info can be found inside the Squad tab when ypu log in game.

See you all on the battlefield!
 Subject: Campaign 131 Nov 29, 2016 -- 00:43 (GMT) 
Well 91st, Campaign 130 is now over!

And if you didn't login this last campaign, then you missed some Axis history-making...

During campaign 130 the Axis side got pushed all the way back to the German factories. We even lost Frankfurt!

And then the Axis turned it around and won the campaign in a historic comeback. It was a lot of fun!

Now its intermission and CRS has launched a new patch with quite a few new gameplay changes:

We now have a new Fortified Mobile Spawns (FMS) that look like fortified positions and are harder to take down now. Also, the new FMS can spawn light AA and ATG guns for extra defense. (The old FRU boxes can still be placed but only in large cities now).

There are also a number of new Player Placed Objects (PPO)s in the game including Sandbags, Tank Traps, ans Ammo stockpiles.

Infantry also has new updated predictor code to help improve lag in firefights.

So to all 91st - get in game! The new Campaign 131 will be incoming soon!

 Subject: Campaign 130 Aug 21, 2016 -- 18:28 (GMT) 
Salute 91st!

Summer is now over and Campaign 130 is in full swing! Time to get back online!

One of the main Axis squads is playing Allies this campaign, so we will need all the 91st mainpower that we can assemble together in order to win this campaign!

To all new recruits: please remember to 'Enlist' on our main website, and also don't forget to register to gain access to our member forums. It is a two-step process. Please use your game name to apply.

Other News:

The game's developer CRS recently held a Summit in Texas in order to plan for the game's future. CRS announced that they have now successfully completed the upgade of the game servers, and the game is now in better shape to handle an expected rise in player population associated with the eventual launch of the game on Steam.

CRS has also recently introduced a new patch which is using a new predictor code for infantry gameplay. They have also addressed side imbalance issues by tweaking some of the gameplay mechanics: 1). Cap timers are now faster for the underpop side, and 2). the number of Attack Orders (AOs) on the map is now determined by the popoulation numbers of the underpop side (instead of total server population).

CRS is still planning to introduce more changes to the game in upcoming patches - including new infantry weapon kits, a new fortified mobile spawn that is a fortified position and can spawn ATGs.

CRS also plans to introduce a new supply system which will be a combination of the old "town based supply system" mixed together with some limited form of a "brigade flag movement system." The exact details of the new system are still unclear at this moment.

We hope to see you all in game!

 Subject: Patch 1.35 Goes Live May 26, 2016 -- 00:10 (GMT) 
Salute 91st !

The new patch 1.35 is out!

Multi-crewing is fixed. Many problems associated with player offsets, death lag bugs etc... have been fixed. The gameplay is much improved.

However, just a reminder: the game is an internet game so do not expect perfection. There will always be some lag issues when playing on the internet.

- - - - - - - - -

June 2016 is the 15th anniversary of the game and CRS has welcome back veteran month planned. Returning players can play with premium access for free in June. Discounts for renewed subscriptions will be available.

Its a good time to get back in game. The 91st is still going strong. The Axis have done well during the first 2 weeks of the current Campaign 124. But the allies have made a counter push on the map this week. We need 91st vets to get back in game so the axis can continue to push West on the map!
 Subject: VICTORIOUS for VICTAURUS! Jun 02, 2015 -- 15:24 (GMT) 
CRS's latest fund drive was successfully reached today according to our knowledgeable insider KMS (see his thread at our forums). Thank you to any and all who donated. This means finalization work (tweaking, testing, updating, proving, etc.) for the much delayed patch 1.35 can now be acted upon. A estimated 6 month timeline is predicted for patch release.

The current campaign is proving to be one helluvafrikkinfight, with the Allies refusing to acknowledge that it's our turn to win. Let us show them the error in their way of thinking. Login and fight!
 Subject: CRS Funding Drive Apr 19, 2015 -- 16:20 (GMT) 
We as a squad, have recently successfully raised $ for our website needs.

Now our funds are needed again, for a even greater purpose -the 'WWII Online Hardware Modernization'.

The Indiegogo site is [url][/url], and is also linked at our forums and CRS's site.

There are rewards for squads who collectively donate.

In other news (4/19/15), our current campaign appears to be a honorable defeat (we resisted the allied hordes for a decent number of weeks). We may yet have another week of holding out against them left in us, but a new campaign sometime soon seems inevitable.
 Subject: End of an era Apr 04, 2015 -- 23:41 (GMT) 
Friday April 3rd brought some stunning news -that 'Doc' and 'Gopher' were leaving WW2OL/CRS. Doc always had a polarizing effect on the player base garnering both respect and derision at the same time. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about him, but I hope it's known and accepted that without his original vision, work and determination, WW2OL likely would have never existed at all. Gopher also deserves our respect for his endless contribution to WW2OL. I hope they find new challenges in the future, and know that they deserve and have our respect. [Leopold 4/4/15]

Four new team members added in the aftermath:
•Tyler "Victarus" Millican: Programmer
•Sean "Company0" Donahue: Customer Support
•Hector "Sadguy" Gonzalez: 3D & Texture Artist
•Jeff "Netalyzer2" Celentano: 3D & Texture Artist

Maybe we can hope for new vehicles?

New campaign #113 (started 4/3/15) ... LET'S WIN THIS ONE!

 Subject: We are new. Mar 16, 2015 -- 16:25 (GMT) 
Many new things are now happening.

We have completed our migration to our new host service, virtually painless and seamless, thanks as always to our heroic PIERCER, and he has also upgraded our forum software (again , awesome).

We are about to begin a new campaign today (3/16/15).

We may have something new to go with this new campaign, although KMS won't yet say what it is (new rule? new system function?)

So it's a new Monday, a new week, a new 91st web system, & a fresh new campaign.

Let us begin.
 Subject: Website hosting service changes Feb 23, 2015 -- 19:40 (GMT) 
Piercer, our squad website manager (and most excellent designer) will be moving us to a new host soon:

'Over the next week (hopefully) we'll be migrating the 91stsb domain to a new server. Because of the way these things often happen it will most likely create some disruption in service. I'm hoping that's not the case, but it's hard to predict typically.

Let me know if you have any questions.'
[Piercer 2/22/15]

In other news the 91st welcomes many new 91st officers and members. We also are thrilled to see that in-game player numbers have risen to the point where it's common to see 3 or more system AO's active. The combat intensity and challenges from playing WW2OL are better then ever.
 Subject: Advancing on all fronts Feb 02, 2015 -- 18:15 (GMT) 
If you're reading this then the 91st leadership wants to thank you for your awesomeness, for your willingness to take a few moments to check the 91st web page and forums, for you being a part of the 91st community. We would ask that you promote this webpage by pushing and cajoling other 91st members who are not visiting this page and forums, into doing so, so we can better tighten and strengthen our 91st community.

The MOTD has been tweaked to better indicate the requirement for new members to submit a join application -the 'ENLIST' button function on this frontpage. Anyone who has any involvement (especially squad recruiters) need to emphasize the content of the MOTD and this enlist application requirement.

Things are looking very good for the game and the 91st in that we are growing and gaining new active members, that we've had a successful game patch released, that the 91st funds have increased (thank you so much to all who contributed), and that the Axis has returned to its rightful position as campaign winners.

Excellent advancements on multiple fronts towards all objectives!
 Subject: Cents and Dollars and Euros Oct 14, 2014 -- 17:05 (GMT) 
XOOM at CRS has said that the banner advertisement seen in the upper right part of the web page when viewing any of CRS's forums (barracks, etc.), generates pennies (cents) worth of income to CRS each time it is clicked. Every time each of us visits the forums please click the ad (whatever it might be) & help CRS gain some $.

The 91st, however needs more then just pennies. We need dollars and euros to support our website. Please donate to KMS, the squad XXO and squad treasurer (see his thread at our forums) and support our website hosting fee. We currently have no money at all and only have a website functioning from the generosity of Heavy265, who isn't even a 91st member.

The donation information is in KMS's post (sticky) titled 'Funding Our Website' in our members only section.
 Subject: Quick camp & patch news Sep 21, 2014 -- 18:47 (GMT) 
Campaign 105 mercifully came and went quickly. Let's hope for better fortune in campaign 106, which should begin [edit : campaign 106 to begin Tuesday 9/23][....]


DOC talks openly and positively about a patch nearing fruition:

'In reality, the existence of a new and compatible client that can be released as game update patch, even as just a test build; removes a number of other hurdles that have stood between us, you and many other projects (like Steam, among others) and is the first tangible real paving work towards the horizon we are all trying to get to'[DOC]

(see 'Weekend Update' at BGE frontpage for full and lengthy post.)
 Subject: Campaign 103 has finally ended Aug 20, 2014 -- 00:06 (GMT) 
Today (8/19/14) DOC announced what had seemed very evident many days ago -that the Allies had won camp' 103. He praised our axis forces with these words '[the] German forces put up a simply amazing defense that wasn't going to let up until there was nothing left to spawn in from'.

Intermission is to last until Thurs.. Campaign 104's exact start time will be dependent on CRS completing some network and data base work.

I'm sure we're all looking forward to a fresh start in campaign 104 and to deny the Allies a 4th campaign victory in a row.

The 91st should see the return of a few wayward sons who wandered over to the other side for reasons that cannot ever be fully understood :).
 Subject: News 8/7/14 Aug 07, 2014 -- 13:22 (GMT) 
The front looks bad. Very bad. The Allies achieved a spectacular cut drive that isolated massive amounts of Axis territory in the west. It will take much strength, courage and will to turn back this surge.

In other news -THE SQUAD NEEDS MONEY to support this website hosting. KMS is now the squad treasurer -see his post in 'members only' forum 'funding our website' for details on how to contribute. Even just $5-10 (or more) is a worthy contribution.

At CRS XOOM has a thread at the barracks asking for player suggestions on new PPOs (player placed objects). Want that anti-tank obstacle, sand bunker, or maybe a lemonade stand? -here's your chance.
 Subject: News from the front and the rear. Jul 31, 2014 -- 14:19 (GMT) 
Yesterday July 30th, our Axis armies were finally able to retake a little of the losses we've incurred from the Allied advances of the last week, by retaking Marle, in extremely intense, heavy fighting. Gembloux was also recaptured at some time later.

In other news from the rear, quartermasters and training officers report that some divisions will not receive semi-auto rifles, but instead will be equipped with mortarman, ATRs, Grenadiers, and 232 armoured cars.

 Subject: Change in leadership Jul 28, 2014 -- 16:38 (GMT) 
After much concern about the continuing issues with the 91st leadership situations, and due time given for rectification, unfortunately it become necessary for an abrupt renewal in the leadership ranks. Duglas has proven his ability to be a top notch leader, and along with his long commitment to the squad, his experience as squad XXO, he has fully earned the office of 91st commanding officer. Duglas's first act as the 91st CO was to request KMS and myself (Leopold) as his XXO and XO respectively.

All 91st members & especially the new 91st leaders wish to thank Smgman and Sid49 for their long term devotion, duty, and sacrifices of their time and energy that they gave to their jobs as CO and XO. We all know their inability to be online in recent months is largely, if not completely, no fault of their own. These men have earned a permanent place in the 91st hall of honor, and will always have the squad's greatest respects.
 Subject: Campain 100 is up and running Feb 26, 2014 -- 19:47 (GMT) 
Can Side Axis make it 4 in a row ?
Time will tell as 100 rolls forward
 Subject: AXIS VICTORY Feb 24, 2014 -- 20:02 (GMT) 
98 has ended in an Axis victory when
crs did a recount of the number of towns owned by the axis side and called a victory to us
 Subject: Campaign 98 up Jan 26, 2014 -- 09:02 (GMT) 
Lets roll the Allies again guys in 98
 Subject: 97 Underway Jan 13, 2014 -- 19:19 (GMT) 
 Subject: 96 Ends in Allied Victory Nov 26, 2013 -- 10:37 (GMT) 
Campaign 96 has ended and intermission is underway
 Subject: 95 is done Aug 28, 2013 -- 15:55 (GMT) 
Campaign 95 Ends With An Allied Victory
 Subject: 95 starts Tuesday Aug 27, 2013 -- 18:34 (GMT) 
The next campaign is scheduled to begin on Tuesday the 27th of August, sometime in the middle of the day (CST Texas time) which would make the start in the early evening Zulu (GMT) time.
 Subject: AXIS VICTORY IN 94 Aug 25, 2013 -- 07:54 (GMT) 
Axis wins campaign 94

Its Intermission Folks
 Subject: Campaign 94 Ends in Axis Victory Mar 06, 2013 -- 12:33 (GMT) 
Campaign 94 Is done

Intermission begins
 Subject: Campaign 89 Allied Victory Dec 21, 2012 -- 21:35 (GMT) 
89 Has ended with an Allied Victory

Congrats to the Allies on a hard fought campaign

 Subject: Germans Victorious Campaign 87 Dec 19, 2012 -- 18:47 (GMT) 
A historical victory after 50% or greater of its army was cut off by Allied forces, the Germans fired back cutting off the all Allied armies, resulting into a direct and successful siege to England. Congratulations to the Germans, and outstanding fight by the Allied.

Was truly a huge slug fest, that generated a lot of dynamic game play. S! Everyone
 Subject: AXIS ADVANCE Sep 21, 2012 -- 14:06 (GMT) 
Great Work this Campaign 91st Keep up the teamwork and push the allies into the sea and beyond :)

 Subject: 91st CO LEADS BY EXAMPLE Apr 17, 2012 -- 12:42 (GMT) 
Für Ehrenhafte Aufgaben For Honorable duties. Awarded to players dedicated to the Axis side and proven their bravery at the battlefield

Awarded to smgman by Itafolgore

 Subject: Campaign 81 set to begin TODAY! Mar 19, 2012 -- 22:46 (GMT) 
Written by DOC
Monday, 19 March 2012 11:57

DOC Well "Bloody Holland!" ... the second in the Bloody Battles campaign series, will be closing today after the Allies fulfilled the victory condition of winning 3 battles in a row. It was a hard fought series of battles with good populations attending and lot's of AO's and plenty of action. We recorded the highest kills per minute numbers we can ever recall during peak play times.

You can check out the AAR's from each battle and see the progressive scoreboard, and the battle parameters that were set for each battle here at the Bloody Battles webpage. We at CRS would like to contratulate all players that took part in this the second the Bloody Battles campaign in the series for a hard fought, kill laden event that frankly ... was pretty awesome.
 Subject: Bloody Holland! Mar 14, 2012 -- 11:16 (GMT) 
Bloody Holland! PHASE 3 – Weekend Battle Fri. March 16th –> Mon. March 19th

With the Allies victorious in Phase 2 the Germans find themselves pressed back into the corner of Germany itself. This does alter the airpower in Germany's favour with tons of airfields stacked with fighters and bombs just minutes away from the Allied ground forces. There are a lot of objectives in this ... possibly the final battle. If the Allies win this it will be declared an Allied Bloody Battles campaign victory with 3 battles in a row won. If the Germans can win this one we will revert to a points total, first to 60 points will win the campaign.

Fortress Germany – 7 Ground Objectives

Germans hold at start :- Allies hold at start :-
Duisburg – 4 points Maastricht – 4 points
Dusseldorf – 4 points Monchen Gladbach – 4 points
Aachen – 4 points Dinslaken – 3 points
Ratingen – 3 points

There is no separate bombing objective for Phase 3.

 Subject: 91st Recruit gains recognition Jan 16, 2012 -- 15:08 (GMT) 
91st Recruit cpljbl was recognized today by HC
WHEREAS: Cpljbl, recruit 91st Sturmbattalion has shown dedication to the Axis side, his Squad and fellow Soldaten.

WHERAS: Cpljbl, is recommended by his fellow squadmates to OKW for recognition.

WHERAS: Cpljbl, is often seen guarding Fire Bases, Friendly Tanks, and resupplying other players upon any request.

BE IT KNOWN, Cpljbl is Awarded the:
Merit Star:
Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from gaurding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA

S! Cpljbl Carry on the Good work!
 Subject: An open letter from CRS Dec 28, 2011 -- 21:35 (GMT) 
Open Letter to All Players

Written by RAFTER
Friday, 23 December 2011 14:23

Another year has flown by! It's hard for us to believe we marked the game's 10th anniversary- for many of us it seems like not that long ago we were fighting our way through launch day.

2011 had up and downs for the Rats. We reached many of goals while some remain on the horizon. We were pretty excited to finally add another country to the game with the U.S. forces while we're still feeling the aftershocks of host re-writes that were necessary for us to move forward.
Players who have remained members of our community for a while probably already know that our team works harder than many others to keep pushing forward with the vision we created in 2001. This community has seen the game go through rough times and exciting milestones- that's why so many of you choose to remain.

Over the holidays, many of The Rats will be taking a deep breath and spending some time with family and friends. Some of us will continue pushing to nail down remaining issues with the live cluster. We will be coming back to the office in January to tackle some unfinished business from last year and mapping out our plans for 2012- which we will be sharing with you.

On behalf of the entire team at Playnet and Cornered Rat Software, I want to thank you for your continued support, and I want to wish you, your friends and family a healthy and joyous holiday and the hope that the year ahead will be filled with fun. And a special thanks goes out from all of us to our volunteers who work tirelessly to help us make the game better.

Happy Holidays!

The Rats
 Subject: Campaign 78 Dec 13, 2011 -- 03:40 (GMT) 

Campaign 78 is underway .

 Subject: Campaign 76 Resumes Dec 02, 2011 -- 15:04 (GMT) 
After the very first USA Vs Germany Mini Campaign is declared a Draw, Campaign 76 resumes
 Subject: LATEST NEWS Oct 15, 2011 -- 23:28 (GMT) 
A Huge congrats to all who made the victory in SCIII possible

Yes your correct the 91st IS the undisputed Squad Challenge champions for the third year in a row

A big well done to the 13th who put up a great fight respect to them for making us work for our victory

Once again well done 91st SCIII Champions

Also A big thank you goes out to Loz999 who retires as XXO he will be missed
And Congratulations to Duglas who steps up to be our new XXO he is hard to miss!

 Subject: Jan 01, 2011 -- 21:51 (GMT) 
Squad Challenge III

.......................................................................................................................... 2200 London time .

Practice dates will be posted in the members area forums .
 Subject: Campaign 65 Victory Dec 10, 2010 -- 18:37 (GMT) 

Campaign 65 Another Axis Victory

S! 91st on a job well done

With the start of Campaign 66 the 91s will now participate in weekly ASA squad Operations . This will give members 2 chances per week to attend a 91st squad Operation .

91st Squad Operations every Sat @ 1700 hrs EST

The 91st Will join in the Axis Squad Alliance Operations
Every Wend. @ 1700 hrs EST .

Messtin has returned and is now running Squad Training
Please check the 91st Training forums for times and dates
of upcoming training .

Campaign 66 will come with some changes to the use of FRU's please
be aware of the changes and realize FRU's will now need to
be very carefully placed and guarded .

 Subject: Promotions Nov 23, 2010 -- 00:27 (GMT) 
A Big Congratulations to our two newest officers

Kip1213 & duglas

Well done both of you you deserve it

11/27 Squad Operation report. Great turn out this week. Attendance was in the mid 20's.Through hrs of team work and perseverance we were victorious at Ham .

I salute you all on a job well done .
 Subject: Iron Cross 1st Class Awarded to the 91st Nov 02, 2010 -- 19:28 (GMT) 
91st was wittnessed holding with their missions and men the west side of Abbeville and reacting to any enemy capture around for several hours.

250h focused on the AF AB activity, attackign and assaulting it nonstop, retaking Fixecuourt fb the times it went down and supporting the attack massively.

OKW is please to offer the Iron Cross 1st Class

To 91st Sturmbattalion and 250 Hispana squads, for their teamplay and squad directed actions on game as usual way, conducting operations, acting as a united team and working towards the final consecution; get fun.


That was the Post Placed in WWIIOL's Forums by Fiambre
Damn Fine Job 91st

 Subject: Leadership change Oct 21, 2010 -- 20:00 (GMT) 

Thank you Vinci for the years of dedication as the CO of the 91st Sturmbattalion . Under Vinci's leadership the 91st have been the undefeated Squad challenge champions .

New 91st Leadership

CO Smgman
XO Sid49
XXO Loz999
XXO Vinci

Squad Operations every Sat 1700 hrs EST .

 Subject: Squad Ops Oct 08, 2010 -- 12:48 (GMT) 
Squad operations are every Saturday at 1700 hrs EST

Everybody who is available should log on and join the operation if possible
When we have good numbers the 91st GETS THE JOB DONE
 Subject: 91st Squad Op Sep 03, 2010 -- 20:44 (GMT) 
Reminder Squad Operation Sat Sept 4th at 17:00 hrs EST .
 Subject: It's War! Sep 01, 2010 -- 22:51 (GMT) 
[Sept. 1st, Wed] Campaign 64 has begun. All of the 91st Sturmbattalion is now mobilized into a call to action.
 Subject: Squad Challenge Decal Aug 11, 2010 -- 22:54 (GMT) 
Our Squad Challenge decal that we proudly display in-game has been delivered by CRS to the 91st Sturmbattalion members!

See a sticky post I put into the 'members forum' titled 'Our Squad Challenge Decal has been delivered' for instructions on how you can proudly turn it on and strut your stuff on the battlefield. [Leopold]

NOTE UPDATE: Thanks to KMS and Heavy265 (yeaay!) the squad patch decal problem should now be fixed. They were able to help the CRS programmers determine the cause and a fix went into the small patch released yesterday. However it may be necessary to reset the decal by changing to a different decal, login to game, logout again, then return to account managment and reset it back to the squad challenge decal, to get it to finally show correctly.
 Subject: 91st Wins 'Squad Challenge II' ! Jul 11, 2010 -- 03:35 (GMT) 
It's official: The 91st Sturmbattalion is the undisputed #1 squad for the 2nd time in back to back victories! Jammyman has declared us the winners of 'Squad challenge II'
 Subject: Campaign #62 begins! Jun 11, 2010 -- 19:09 (GMT) 
Campaign #62 has begun! With 1.31 fully running it's a new beginning for WW2OL.
 Subject: Victory and 1.31 Jun 07, 2010 -- 20:32 (GMT) 
The 91st wins a squad vs. squad event again and adds 2 more points to our total score! The 101st was a no-show. A big thanks to Messtin again for his outstanding leadership.

1.31 is now fully released although campaign #62 has not yet begun. The current map (as of 6/07/10) is an extension of the intermission 'mini-campaign map'. CRS wants more time to test out 1.31 now with all players, as well as giving more time for players to complete downloads and installs.
 Subject: Confirmed Match time against 101st May 28, 2010 -- 06:02 (GMT) 
The match will be up on Saturday 5th at 22:00 GMT London time (5:00 PM EST).

Be logged 30 minutes before that time for preparing and clarify our strategy.

As this could be the last match, we are requesting MAXIMUM ATTENDANCE to support your squad !

It is likely the 1.31 patch goes out at this time. So we are requesting your presence for a practice. PLEASE CHECK THE FORUM for more details and time conversion.

91st Officers.
 Subject: Victory against the 250th Hispano May 23, 2010 -- 11:28 (GMT) 
It was a close match at the end but we ended up victorious.
Hats off to the 250th for a great match with the men they had.
This makes us the guys to beat in this competition so far.
If you would like to be a part of this event all you have to do is keep up to date in the members forum at the timings laid down for the events and turn up to fight.
 Subject: First round won by 91st May 17, 2010 -- 17:54 (GMT) 
Congratulations to all 91st soldiers who attended for the match against the 250th.

We won the first round with good quality, but we didn't win the battle.

We really count on you for your presence on next Saturday for the second round as axis attackers. The time will be announced as soon as 250th will chose one. So check the forum as often as possible and read your emails.

Keep it up 91st !

 Subject: *Confirmed Squad vs Squad Match up with the 250th* May 09, 2010 -- 16:02 (GMT) 
We have a confirmed date and time of Sunday 16th May 16:00hrs GMT LONDON.
All the 91st are requested to clear what they are doing around that time and date and show your support.
As usual everybody to be on the training server 30mins before for a shake down of positions.
There will be a training session on the Saturday with a time to be announced later, all to be there if you can

 Subject: up and coming event match May 08, 2010 -- 13:50 (GMT) 
the next will be against the 250th hispano and will be either next saturday or sunday 15th or 16th.
Keep an eye in the members forum and clear your diaries for the next week
 Subject: Next match on 24th Apr 21, 2010 -- 06:38 (GMT) 
!S soldiers,

Next match has been confirmed for this saturday 24th

at 22h00 GMT London time
5:00 PM EST time
8:00 AM Sidney time

Pack your gear up and be ready 30 minutes before on the training server.

 Subject: 91st won the first match Mar 28, 2010 -- 12:03 (GMT) 
!S Soldiers,

For the first match, we were about 20 soldiers presents.

To the other side the 505th officially had connection matters, but only 2-3 were online on TS.

By the declaration of JAMMY we won the first match by forfeit.

I would like to thank you for all soldiers who made the effort to be present in time.

We will have more matchs to do, and we will need trainings again.

We count for your presence and participation.

Be proud of your squad, the squad needs you.

 Subject: Campaign # 60 has begun. Mar 21, 2010 -- 21:52 (GMT) 
New Flash!! 16:00 hours EST, 3/21/10 -War has broken out in the west as our age old enemies of the French and British have once again challenged our might.

Campaign # 60 has begun and Germany needs you 91st Sturmbattalion members!
 Subject: Site Move Mar 18, 2010 -- 21:41 (GMT) 


Congratulations once again to the marvel that is the 91st Sturmbattalion
and our immeasureable contribution to another axis victory!

In other news;
We are currently in the process of moving the site to new servers. Everything appears to be in working order ;)

 Subject: 91st CHAIN OF COMMAND Mar 04, 2010 -- 22:04 (GMT) 
CO: Vinci
XO: Heavy256 and Desertfox (MIA)
XXO: Astro676 and Leopold

Squad Trainer: Messtin
 Subject: Training Squad challenge 2 with 3DLM Feb 22, 2010 -- 22:24 (GMT) 
!S Soldiers,

We need you this Tuesday at 21h00 GMT+1 for a big training session.

It will be 3h00 PM EST time and 07h00 AM on Wednesday Sydney time.

We count on your presence.


91St CO
 Subject: New squad challenge 2010 Feb 12, 2010 -- 21:06 (GMT) 
!S soldiers,

We will have a new squad challenge soon.

Please go to our forum and have a look for more details.

We are planning on some trainings, we need you !

 Subject: 91st WON THE SQUADS CHALLENGE ! Jan 10, 2010 -- 10:54 (GMT) 
I'm proud to announce that the 91st has won the squad challenge !

Now showed up as the best squad of the year.

We proved we are able to stick many soldiers and be very powerful.

Congratulations to all.
 Subject: WE NEED YOU !! Jan 09, 2010 -- 16:53 (GMT) 
The last squad challenge against the 7th AST is TODAY Saturdy 9th January at 20:00hrs EST Time.

Local time correspondence

Los Angeles (U.S.A) Saturday 9 January 2010, 17 h 00 m 00 UTC-8 hours PST
New York (U.S.A) Saturday 9 January 2010, 20 h 00 m 00 UTC-5 hours EST
Berlin (Germany) Sunday 10 January 2010, 02 h 00 m 00 UTC+1 hour CET
Sydney (Australia) Sunday 10 January 2010, 12 h 00 m 00 UTC+11 hours EDT

Corresponding UTC (GMT) Sunday 10 January 2010, 01 h 00 m 00

 Subject: Happy New Year ! Jan 01, 2010 -- 12:18 (GMT) 
Best wishes for this new Year !


From the 91st staff.
 Subject: Merry Christmas 91st ! Dec 25, 2009 -- 16:31 (GMT) 
Merry Christmas soldiers !

From the 91st staff.

 Subject: Axis Victorious Dec 12, 2009 -- 08:58 (GMT) 
!S Soldiers,

This is another Victory for the axis and another victory for the 91st.

All our efforts has paid and we kicked ass ;)

Congratulations to all of you for your good work.

We show all the community how our team work is very powerful so I want it to be continued as it !

In the meantime, we are in the process to work with 3 or 4 squads for multi squad operations every Saturday. As soon as I've all the informations I will post them in the forum.


91st CO
 Subject: New Campaign #56 just begun Nov 02, 2009 -- 19:20 (GMT) 
!S soldiers,

The campaign #56 just started.

Pack your gears up and form up with your squad mates !

Following officers orders is mandatory, ignoring them is subjected to sanctions.

If no officer is online, you can take OIC of the squad and lead it.

We hardly encourage all members to try it, never let a member play as lonewolf, use the force of the teamplay !

Good luck and have fun for this new campaign.


 Subject: Heavy265 Promoted to XXO of 91st Oct 02, 2009 -- 09:23 (GMT) 
!S Soldiers,

This is with honor we have promoted Heavy265 as XX0 of the 91st.

He will seconds Leopold in this hard and so important task in the squad leadership.

He will stay CO Recce GP as well till next order.

As a reminder, here is the T3 :

CO: Vinci
XO: Desertfox
XXO: Leopold
XXO: Heavy265

Any questions about the squad management should be ask to them.
You have to follow their orders when you see one of them online.

If none of them are online when you play, ask if someone is OIC, if not, you are allowed to ask permission to any officers to be OIC then lead the squad.

Playing as real squad will make us stronger and stronger.

 Subject: Way to go 91st ! Aug 30, 2009 -- 22:03 (GMT) 
Another Great day for the squad!

We capped lots of towns, we played as a real team and we were very efficiency.

You made me having a lot fun and made me proud of you :)

Way to go 91st !

 Subject: Squad event update Aug 16, 2009 -- 07:13 (GMT) 
Due to the training server being down the squad event has been postponed until next Saturday at the same time.
JAMMYMAN was unable to get hold of a RAT to reset it.

 Subject: Squad event Aug 14, 2009 -- 18:01 (GMT) 
The squad event has been confirmed and it will take place on Saturday 15th August at 12:00 (EST).
If you need to know the alternative time, look on the internet and figure it out Very Happy
Messtin needs all 91st on the training server 30mins before the event to see who we have and to quickly split down into teams.
Maximum attendance please.

Last training before event will be today at 23h00 GMT (Berlin time) on the training server.

 Subject: Campaign #54 has begun! Jul 27, 2009 -- 18:15 (GMT) 
Newsdate : 7/30/09

!S Soldiers

Yesterday 7/29/09 Campaign #54 began!

All LOA's, shoreleave and furloes have been canceled. All soldats of the 91st are called up for duty. Intelligence reports indicate our enemy has begun this war with an attitude intent on revenge for the last war and it's humiliating defeat they suffered. So we have an enemy we must take seriously. Let us begin!

As a reminder here is the T3:

CO: Vinci
XO: Desertfox
XXO: Leopold

Any questions about the squad management should be asked of them. Orders from these officers must be followed. If none of them are online when you play, ask if someone is OIC. If no one is currently acting as OIC any 91st member may assume the role of OIC and lead the squad. Playing as a real functioning squad will make us unbeatable.

 Subject: 91st leadership Jul 22, 2009 -- 18:26 (GMT) 
!S soldiers

As a reminder here is the T3 :

CO: Vinci
XO: Desertfox
XXO: Leopold

Any questions about the squad management should be ask to them.
You have to follow their orders when you see one of them online.

If none of them are online when you play, ask if someone is OIC, if not you are allowed to ask permission to any officers to be OIC then lead the squad.

Playing as real squad will make us stronger and stronger.

 Subject: New CO announcement Jul 11, 2009 -- 19:09 (GMT) 
!S 91st,

I'm really proud to be your new CO.

After 5 years being in the squad without a break, I finally decide to step up to the top.

You all know we are working hard to make this squad the best, we rely on you to accomplish this task.
With the help of Desertfox, your new XO, as my right arm, I'm confident.

We have very good soldiers, and I will do my best to be the CO the 91st deserve.

Long life to 91st !


Your new CO
 Subject: 53 Jun 29, 2009 -- 00:56 (GMT) 
Campaign 53 is in full swing! All members report for duty.

Sappers are a critical asset at this tier level. Take the extra effort to RTB.

Squad TS meeting will be held soon. Check member area for date and time.

Grab your gear and move out!


CO of 91st
 Subject: 91st prepare your package ! Jun 22, 2009 -- 10:54 (GMT) 

After a long and intense battle allied won this campaign.

We pushed hard and never gave up!

Clean your weapon, tell your wife you are leaving for another long battle !

Feed your dog for a month (ok Jerry ? :))

Be ready, the new Campaign will start shortly today!

Trust Astro our CO which will lead us to Victory!


XO of 91st
 Subject: 91st has a new CO. Jun 18, 2009 -- 00:31 (GMT) 
!S 91st

Astro676 has just been promoted to the position of CO of the 91st Sturmbattalion, and I am stepping down effective immediately.

It has been a great year for me as CO of 91st, however RL has taken a much greater chunk of my gaming time than it has in the past. Vinci and Astro have been brilliant XO's, and as a team I believe that we have maintained a nicely run squad. I thank you both from the bottom of my heart. It was fun.

I wish also to thank the other 91st officers, especially Messtin, for their support. Finding my feet at the start was a little tricky, however the wealth of experience in the officers' ranks smoothed the way. I guess that is why we continue to operate as we do; 91st members developing as friends, and as members of a team at the same time. The loose canons get weeded out, leaving the tried and true to maintain the integrity of our squad.

The rank and file of 91st? God love ya! Thanks for forming up, thanks for doing the tedious duties, thanks for throwing your lives into certain-death defences, and above all thanks for being a part of our great squad.

Thank you all for accepting me as your leader over the past year. It has been the highlight of my gaming career.

!S fook
 Subject: South May 14, 2009 -- 13:08 (GMT) 
Time to box the South 91st.

Allieds are cut of from all factories.

It is time to REAP IT.

All 91st to the south until we close all cities below LAON off.

This is a game closer.

 Subject: Operation Thunderball Apr 19, 2009 -- 01:24 (GMT) 
Axis Officer Group Email Tool
!S 91st

Thank you for being so patient with me and my RL time out. I thank Vinci and astro for holding the fort, and keeping 91st the mean lean fighting machine that it is.

Time to get down to business. We are currently working on Arlon as a part on Operation Thunderball. All 91st members to work that town untill we receive further orders. There will be an operations patch for all soldats who assist in this Axis Operation.

!s guys, you know what to do

S! all officers at GMT 1900 GMT

preparetions for operation thunderball will start!

Call your brothers and sister its time show show they allied forces that we not giving them anything for free!

Tune Ch 11 and read OC


Cheif in command
 Subject: New Campaign 52 on the way Apr 13, 2009 -- 14:50 (GMT) 
Another great map won by the axis side !

This campaign was remarkable:
We lost ground until our factories then we fought hard to regain ground to ENGLAND ! In 5+ years I never saw england completely invaded as we did.
Axis are courageous, and never give up, this campaign was a perfect new example.

Then, this campaign showed up how the 91st squad has valuable members. Some of us have been rewarded for outstanding work by HC.
I had discussion with HC who told they like giving us objectives because they know we do the job.
T3 (fook, vinci, astro) are proud of you for making this squad very valuable :)
Keep it up !

 Subject: 51 Feb 24, 2009 -- 13:12 (GMT) 
Congratulations 91st,

Another map. We won this one. That is a bonus, but it is not really what we play for.

As a squad we remained steadfast, and we played as a team. Our contributions were recognised by our side as a whole. Our members played the hard plays and the soft plays, and never differentiated (as "stat-whores" would).

We have fought in air, on land, and in sea. Most of us never shirking the tedious jobs.

In short, 91st has had a definite influence in the result. For that I thank every one of you.

Lets all think about what we can do to pack a punch in campaign 51. Post any ideas in member's forum. My thoughts are that we need to commit to the SF principles.

A tight fighting unit that is well trained will gain more than a 2nd class Iron Cross. It will be the envy of the Axis. With a bit of dedication to the ideas that Vinci is proposing we can be just that.

I am a 1.5 kd fighter at best. Vinci is more like 3 +....EVERY campaign. As a field commander he has kudos. He is no stat whore, he is a seasoned fighter who wants to take us up a notch. I do too. That is why i place myself under the direction of Vinci in SF.

After intermission, I ask all 91st to consider the SF and training on a regular basis. I believe that it is the future of the 91st (greater numbers, tank columns etc etc).

Rant over, Scotch becons.

Great maps guys.

 Subject: Special Forces Training Feb 08, 2009 -- 12:05 (GMT) 
Today we conducted our first SF training session.

Thank you Messtin for conducting it. I think with regular sessions we shall have the crack unit that we are looking for.

The objective today was to formulate an efficient CP attack and defense. We have the formula, now just need to drill it to obtain speed, and teamwork.

Thanks to Vinci for organising the event with Messtin, and showing us how to work a grenadier with brutal efficiency.

There were only four 91st there today, which was a pity. However, the few other squaddies in the training server made the numbers sufficient to practice.

I have joined the SF, and ask all 91st to please consider joining.


 Subject: Training Jan 18, 2009 -- 04:28 (GMT) 
Fighter pilot training went well but only a handful of the 91st shown up.
I think for the guys who turned up it was"educational"
Next weeks training is Stukas.
Check the Training forum for details.
 Subject: Fighter pilot training Jan 12, 2009 -- 19:27 (GMT) 
I will be conducting fighter pilot training, timings and the Layout of the lesson is posted on the Training section on the forums.
If you think you need to hone certain skills whilst flying I suggest you attend.

91st Officer
 Subject: Training and OPS. Jan 02, 2009 -- 10:20 (GMT) 
I was privileged to attend Messtin's sapper training session last Saturday.

Mess took us through some quick and easy tank boilers and crew killers on French tanks. His next session is the same on English tanks. I suggest that all available 91st attend, as it helps alot.

Thanks go to both Messtin for devising the training session, and Vinci for patiently allowing us to cook his French ass. B )

Those who attended were: Messtin, Vinci, Caserock, Teagle, Acegacek,and Fook from 91st. Bogol, and Amosgt attended from other squads. At least the 91st attendees outnumbered those of the other squads eh? All 91st attendees are thanked for their time.

On Thursday night 91st got an AO for a soft cap. Malmelon was our target, we didn't prevail on this assault.

A tight paradrop line of supply made the battle go the defender's way. However, they paid for this victory in blood. Among the fallen were clvan265, muller9, dasjackal, peppito, and fook. We tried hard, however the numbers were not in our favour. Regardless we worked as a team and drew attention from a P1 assault.

Great work all, and Happy New Year 91st!


 Subject: Merry Xmas to the 91st Dec 26, 2008 -- 03:47 (GMT) 
Merry Christmas soldats!

I hope that everyone is festively enhanced.

On behalf of the officers, I thank all the grunts for thier exceptional year's work. On behalf of the grunts, I thank the officers for their leadership.

Lets look forward to our new year's gaming reaching new levels of expertise.

We need more squaddies on TS, that is crucial.

We are forming a crack unit of squaddies that are hardened brutes, capable of single minded bloodiness. If you are interested in joining this PM Vinci.

I am as ever asking for your comrades to be singled out for bravery, and teamwork. My Christmas Honours list is as follows:

Piercer, Messtin, List, Bex007, Muller9, Eaglepco, Mrweed, Conesq, Alee, CLVAN265 and Tihker.

These soldats I have fought beside on a regular basis and have excelled in the field. Please forward any other worthy soldaten to Vinci, Astro, or myself.

!s 91st You have remained true and steadfast throughout the entire year.


CO 91st Sturmbatallion
 Subject: Time to FLY! Dec 06, 2008 -- 23:27 (GMT) 
Its a new map 91st, and I'm EXCITED! We have a fighter that can fly!!!!!!

The new 109 E-1 is a zippy little fighter. Great dog fights ahead.

Congratulations to Conseq for his acceptance into GHC, another 91st member out to make a difference in the war effort. !S Scott well done.

I'd also like to take a moment to single out two new 91st members; CLVAN265 and Shweatty. Both, while new to the game, have performed admirably in the field. CLV clocked up 3428 sorties for us last map, he is promoted to full 91st member, and rank of schutz. Shweatty has been a solid defender of bunkers and cps, taking jobs that are at times tedious but essential for map taking. Shweatty is promoted to Gefreiter.

Well done 91st, and congratulations all members. Time to get down to the business of smacking allied backsides.

!s fook CO 91st Sturmbatallion
 Subject: Old and New Dec 03, 2008 -- 14:14 (GMT) 
A big welcome to our newest members, and a massive welcome back to our old returners!

I've been struck recently by the quality of our latest recruits. Good solid workers in the field, users of TS, and easy going chaps to boot.They have been more like the seasoned pros that are returning than rookies.

I'll name no names here. Just thank all. Great work guys, welcome aboard, and welcome back.

!s fook

CO 91st Strumbatallion
 Subject: New Campaign Nov 05, 2008 -- 19:15 (GMT) 
!S soldaten,

For people who did not yet played for 1 week, we are in the 49th CAMPAIGN !

This one is special, we switch the side, but we keep our equipments.

Some RDP rules have changed:
All RDP is suspended from bombing effects. RDP bombing will still slow down supply to the brigades and divisions, but each new tier will be made to arrive at the same time for all countries. Thus while RDP will not function to give each country their new tier of equipment at a different time based on factory damage, factory damage will still delay the resupply of your opponents weapons lost in battle, in fact we have increased the delay possible by 125%. So bombing RDP factories affects the battles success that you wage, but no one will have disparite tier equipment based on bombing. You can delay the resupply of your opponents by up to 10 hours now, by bombing their RDP factories.

Overstocking limits have been increased as well.

Let's play together, have fun and kick ass !


 Subject: Teamspeak Oct 23, 2008 -- 13:50 (GMT) 
!S 91st

This is a quick reminder to get onto TS. Please help the newest members to get set up.

Much appreciated.


 Subject: SQUAD OPS. Time to stand up and be counted. Oct 08, 2008 -- 12:30 (GMT) 
On Saturday 18th of October, the 91st Strumbatallion shall be joining forces with the 1st Lithuanian Brigade, for joint field operations.

We shall be forming at 8.30AM US EST.

The format of attack shall be worked out in the interim, and shall remain undisclosed untill the morning of action. The OIC shall be named at this point as well.

We shall work as a single unit using TS to weld the two squads.

This attack shall be in the spirit of the mass attacks of old. So all 91st please make an effort to get there.



CO 91st Sturmbatallion

 Subject: New Map Old Rules Sep 28, 2008 -- 01:21 (GMT) 
Here we go 91st. A fresh map to cut the Allies to pieces on!

As we get to work, I'd like to remind all squadddies of some old rules.

1. Always greet your fellow squaddies on entry, and farewell on departure. (!S 91st)

2. Make EVERY effort to get Teamspeak up and running....and use it.

3. Follow the directions of the OIC. If there is no OIC, someone take up the reins and get a form up happening. Support the squaddie that is doing this. This is what being a squad is all about.

4. Support each other in the field. Tow, resupply, cover fire, recon....all of these things make attacks successful.

5. Have fun, and rack up a good kill count. Make them pay for every attack.

!S 91st
 Subject: Kompanie At Ease Sep 23, 2008 -- 12:30 (GMT) 
!S 91st

We have done it again. Axis has rolled the map from an almost untenable position. I went away for 2 weeks and missed the blitz! (damn it).

The magic that enables our side to do this is formed of staunch reliability, and loyalty. 91st is made of this stuff. With Vinci and Astro at the helm during my kitesurfing safari, you guys have contributed significantly to an Axis turnaround. My thanks and congratulations.

It is time to stand down, practice with unfamiliar units (i.e French Babes), and have some well-earned R&R.

From now until the next map; form ups, and TS are not required.....unless they do a counter break out.

!S 91st

Fook CO 91st Strumbatallion
 Subject: 91st has a new XXO Aug 27, 2008 -- 12:16 (GMT) 
With the continued RL commitments on Vonunke, Vinci and I have been faced with a tough decision. Who can fill the Big Man's shoes?

After much deliberation we have decided on Astro676.

Astro is a staunch, reliable and determined player.I ask all 91st to welcome our newest staff officer.

!S Astro !S 91st
 Subject: Our Newest Strumtroopers Aug 24, 2008 -- 11:02 (GMT) 
Over the last month we have had 5 new soldats join the ranks of 91st Sturmbatallion.

I'd like to take the time to welcome Bronco69, Tr1gg, Cossta, MiKaumpft, and Horrid76. Welcome aboard lads! You are joining a squad that has been about since Adam was a boy.

Could all squaddies please take time to assist these guys in setting TS up, and field protocol? Aslo directing them to our site to ensure that they are up with the latese news, and operations?

!S 91st
 Subject: Olympic struggle Aug 17, 2008 -- 12:41 (GMT) 
Firstly I'd like to congratulate the USA on Phelps. 8 out of 8 gold medals! First Spitz then Phelps. The pity was....I thought that he was one of ours!!!!! Well done.

We have an Olympic battle on our hands here aw well guys.

The Axis has won from well worse than this in the past, and its not beyond us to break out and do it again. The two factors against us are, the fence sitters, and quitters. Thankfully none of those man 91st Strumbatallion.

We are short in numbers, but smart with equipment and strategy. We will fight a more defensive battle in ensuing weeks; and as long as we are smart and stolid, we have a chance to have axis written on the INDELIBLE ALMANAC of ww2ol.

Hold firm, and God's speed.

 Subject: Balkan R.I.P Aug 07, 2008 -- 12:27 (GMT) 
On the 7th of June 2008, one of our soldats died.

Balkan is no longer with us. He was a good guy. He always played as true squad member, and was a great operator in the field.

Ken was a carpenter, and only 44. His family's loss is our loss.

I request every 91st member to observe 2 minutes silence in respect and consideration of Balkan upon reading this sad news.


Fook CO 91st Sturmbattalion
 Subject: 91st Site Jul 25, 2008 -- 11:42 (GMT) 
!S 91st

Over the last 2 weeks we have had about 20 members respond to the X off.

I think that I am addressing 20 odd squad members right now. The rest don't use the site.

Following is a list of squadies who Xed off: "for those who Xed off, WE SALUTE YOU" (to AC/DC riff). I charge all those on the list to remind their fellow members who wern't on the list to X off.

fook weskera dewars (allied atm) astro676 piercer KMS hierbart rolone vinci pedrohsi loki20 bizak tihker candela (x squadie) harrisc1 signasty peppity heavy265 conesq

The consensus shows that a full committment to the squad is prefered.

I have been guilty in the past of NEVER CHECKING OUR SITE. Tiger5 asked if I was interested in joining the brass in 91st, and I said yes. He said that I would have to start using the site if i wanted to reach these vaunted heights. Well i did, and now I am reeping the benefits. A Pyramid scheme that you wouldn't believe!! Slaves in every 3rd world nation. And black market carbon credits coming outta my ASS! all I had to do was check the 91st site, and the world was my molusc.

Quasi funny stuff aside; I didn't use the site. I was in the fook is too draconian group. I wasn't a fully interactive member. I didn't have the whole squad benefit, nor did I know what the squad was up to.

Don't be a dumb fook like me.


 Subject: Proud to be 91st Jul 13, 2008 -- 10:41 (GMT) 
Tonight I was reminded of what a great squad we belong to.

I had the privelige of commanding 3.2 on a diversionary assault on Guise, a two AB town, to relieve the pressure on LaCapelle. When I say that I was commanding the brigade, there were 4 91st involved total. LOL.

Upon recieving an AO from HC, Conseq, Rolone, Dewars, and Your Humble Narrator went and stuck it to Guise. We were pestering the town with mole tactics; hit and runs, new opels as needed. And we didn't relent. After the best part of an hour of this HarrisC joined the fray. We kept contesting the town, until YHN capped the spawnable for the first time. From there we kept that spawnable defended throughout the next hour. Never once did we loose it (although we came close a few times).

Once the spawnable was ours HC got us a number of dot axis' (a big thank you to Ctdan for his assistance on dots). These dot axees brought a FLOOD of soldaten.

91st remained prominent in identifying threats, capping cps & abs, defending positions, and comminicating with our brothers in arms. In short, we rocked!

It was a pure infantry based assault, and remained that way. We owned a 2 ab town in 91st style. We demonstrated that 91st has a backbone, clad in stubornness, and topped with canny battlefield knowledge and communications.

Thank you soldaten. My thanks to those who fought today, and those who fight every day for our squad. My faith in the 91st is confirmed every day on the field of battle.


CO 91st Strumbatallion

 Subject: Campaign # 45 Jun 27, 2008 -- 23:36 (GMT) 
Here we go soldats. Time to strap yourselves in, TS up, and knuckle down. We have a new map, on which we shall outfox our advantaged foe.......again!

There is talk of inequality in machinery, and GHC not operating as some would wish.

On the first item, I would agree. However, it never stopped us from forming up, communicating effectively, attriting them, then taking the town off 'em. Never did, never will. Bitching and complaining about inequality, or poor communications could be deciding factors in who gets the town. I ask the soldats to knuckle down, and get on with the job (as you guys do every map). I know at times I feel like pulling my hair out after a tough death; I log off at those times, rather than vent my spleen. Remember, it is a game. Without an opposition we have no game. Keep it cool, and be smart with your equipment. Work as a team. Don't spread over the whole map. Form up and communicate.

On the second item. GHC are dedicated players who are trying hard to win the war for us. If they make mistakes, let them sort it out in-house. I place little expecation on GHC, and am never disappointed. Try the same philosophy, it makes the game what it should I have no expectations, I make requests, and these requests I make only once on channel 10. I do not want any 91st harassing GHC, or bad mouthing them. Stick with the 91st objective, and work as a squad member, not as an armchair General. Remember, have fun. Its a game.

If the battle isn't going the way that you think that it should, and you think that you could do a better job, join GHC. I will support any member who feels this way, as long as they do not make 91st seem a bunch of whinging pricks.

Sorry about the brow-beating guys, but we need to remember that its a game, bitching gets you wound up and those around you. Lets get good clean teamwork happening. We will be discouraged at times, however we will have some great battles in the coming months. It is after these battles that I feel best about the game. How about you?

!S Fook
CO 91st Sturmbattalion

 Subject: Opportunities for Squaddies seeking advancement. Jun 21, 2008 -- 10:27 (GMT) 
By now we all world have read my TS and form up policy. So to relieve the monotony, I'll bring it up again. USE TS, AND FORM AS A SQUAD! lol

Please read the forum in members area. We are looking for keen squadies to put themselves forward.

 Subject: Team Speak, and No Speak Jun 14, 2008 -- 01:20 (GMT) 
Members of 91st Sturmbattalion, I have a message to impart that is grave concern to me, and is fad that needs to be stamped out of our time honoured squad.

The two elements that make a squad viable are teamwork, and communication. Too often I log on and find the squad spread over the map, and no one on TS.

I am not condemning individuals. When I log on alone, I quite like a period of lone wolfing. However, as others log in the lone wolf should be the nucleus of a building force. And that is how it is to be......AS OF NOW!

The Office in Charge shall be the first online. As members join they SHALL greet the squad (via !S 91st). Following the greeting, if the OIC hasn't given location details, the new member shall ask where he is needed. If the current OIC is afk, the second member instantly assumes the OIC role. Further members form on him, and afk member forms in upon return.

OIC shall discuss plans on TS and coordinate the assault.

OIC is not necessarily based upon rank. A schutze can be OIC. All members are to follow this man. Once a target is set, ALL MEMBERS are to work on that target. This can be via land, air, or sea.

OIC is passed to the ranking officer by consent of both parties.

There is only ONE EXCEPTION to this rule; those 91st who have GHC duties are excused from the current 91st assault. however they too are expected to remain in contact with the squad.

I am about to embark on a policy of enforcing use of TS, and fighting protocol. Please ask any questions in the members forum under the sticky that I have placed there.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation soldaten.

 Subject: Bethune Capped 91st Style Jun 12, 2008 -- 15:04 (GMT) 
After a tip off from Candela; Biglez, Candela, and Your Humble Narrator stormed an unsuspecting Bethune.

Are 3 91st up to taking a whole town? With one opel, one atg, and one lmg, we set out to answer this question. Aided by TS we kept each other abreast of the changes in the field. Via TS Biglez was enabled to obtain a 100% success ratio on 2 ets. Via TS Candela was transformed into a CAPPING machine, popping 5 caps on one mission plus kills. TS showed YHN in his true form, a vicious killer of allies, with a REALLY shitty sense of humour!

A final parra drop courtesy of channel 10 comms, was the icing on the cake. The poor allies got nailed.

In short, we capped, we held, we shagged them rotten baby!

GFJ guys, thanks for working as a team.
 Subject: Welcome Back! May 30, 2008 -- 23:48 (GMT) 
A big welcome back to Heavy265, Geninrui, and Tiger5. The guys have been pulled from retirement to bolster the axis war machine, during the allied pig's invasion of the fatherland.

With KMS as CinC, and proven veterans like these, it will not be long before we are eating those lousey cucumber sandwiches in Dover!

!S guys great to have you in the field with us again.
 Subject: Axis has a new CinC, our own KMS. May 25, 2008 -- 22:27 (GMT) 
At 2.00 EDT this evening / afternoon. KMS shall be sworn in as our CinC. This shall be on the training server. All available 91st please attend the ceremony.

I am very proud that a 91st member is our CinC, and stoked that it is our level headed mate KMS.


(P.S. I think that we need a private 91st ceremony once Vonunke is back. The handover of Messtin to Vonunke, and a 21 bum salute to KMS)
 Subject: Problems Logging Into 91st Forums???? Mar 31, 2008 -- 16:13 (GMT) 

For members having a difficult time logging into the forums:

We recently made some changes to the forums to fix some long standing login issues with the way session IDs were being handled by phpbb -- These problems arise from the way that phpbb handles using cookies.

If you're having problems logging in, please delete your cookies that are cached in the browser. If you have any further problems drop me a note:


If it’s Mozilla / Firefox then go to the menu:
* Tools->Options->Privacy->Show Cookies
* Click on ‘Remove All Cookies’

If it’s Internet Exploder 7 go to the menu:
* Tools->Internet Options->General Tab
* Mid-tab under ‘Browsing History’ click button 'Delete…’
* Find the ‘Delete Cookies’ and delete them.



 Subject: Tier3 almost upon us Mar 22, 2008 -- 05:09 (GMT) 
With the allies having tier3 and our troops on the verge of getting tier3 we are hoping to halt the advance that the allies are doing in the north.
Hopefully we will use the Tigers and new aircraft wisely and put them to good use.
Lets support the HC on this push east and if one of our squaddies gets a Tiger out, follow him with an LMG.
 Subject: Time to hit back Mar 11, 2008 -- 07:26 (GMT) 
We have tier2, we have the resources to hit the allied armies and push them back to mainland.
The allied armies have pushed us hard over the last week to try to break our backs before tier2 kicked in and failed, now its our turn.
Roermonde was the scene of some intense fighting yesterday with the axis forces ripping the allied dogs a new one and plucking their air force out of the sky with our murderous bofors and our glorious Luftwaffe.
 Subject: Dig deep Mar 06, 2008 -- 11:29 (GMT) 
This campaign is turning out to be a a very busy war with the allies throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at us.
The best thing people can do when they start to roll on edge of town and the allied paras start to come down is stay in the cp's and wait for them to come to you, they cannot take the town if they cannot get into the cp's.
The allies are trying to gain a big push like the last campaign, so lets dig deep, keep our heads up and work together to hold our ground until tier 2 kicks in.
 Subject: Team work Mar 04, 2008 -- 23:16 (GMT) 
We have concentrated in working together as a unit more lately and is paying off with new rekrut's coming in because they enjoy working with a squad,as a whole.
Lets keep this as our main objective for the squad and keep the 91st as an example for other squads to follow.
Remember, being in a squad means working as a squad.

CO 91st
 Subject: Seems the new site is in good shape so far! Feb 16, 2008 -- 02:33 (GMT) 

Well, I have a few requests queued to be updated but nothing that's causing any big issues. Things for this week:

* Just added the frontline map to the front page. Want to add in the RDP numbers but the Kfsone's wiretap data is having some problems. So might need to wait a few days for that.
* Styling fixes, a few tweaks here and there
* Stat updates....I need to fix the stat link to the new member rooster, fairly straight forward, but new members for the last 45 days haven't been picked up.

 Subject: Welcome to the New 91st Website Jan 21, 2008 -- 04:32 (GMT) 

!S All

Welcome to the new 91st Website. If you have any questions or find any errors please drop me a note:

And I'll go ahead and make sure they get taken care of.

Enjoy the new site!


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