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When a forward base is defended use smoke on every spawn and between to blind and confuse the enemy when attacking it - that will give you more time to place satchels.
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~Enlistment Application~

91st Sturmbattalion
Structure and Code of Conduct (CoC)

The 91st Sturmbattalion Code of Conduct (CoC) document serves as the squads guidelines and is the base of accepted behavior for the squad and its members in Battleground Europe [a.k.a. World War II Online] related activities and game related communities. All squad members are required to accept and abide by these rules. If for any reason you don't understand the terms outlined below in this CoC please reach out to a squad officer to have them explained.


The 91st Sturmbattalion (91st) was created as an Axis-only squad to support a community of members that choose to play Battleground Europe in a similar way. Through this organized game-play members get the benefit of working in a well coordinated team to achieve battlefield objectives and ultimately play a critical role in winning the map against the Allied player base.

A team of dedicated squad members provides greater leverage to newer member as they get the experience and wisdom of game-play from a highly tenured squad member base -- enabling them to quickly learn from the squad and take part in training, resources, and as well be effective immediately within the game by keeping ahead of what can be a steep learning curve when first playing.


The 91st is structured with a members based command structure, each member having their own squad based rank, which is different than in-game rank. Because the 91st is an Axis squad this ranking structure follows the model of the 1940's German Wehrmacht. The purpose of having squad-rank is to provide both an in-game Officer in Charge (OIC) structure for the handling of orders and the setting of in-game squad objectives, as well as providing an out of game officer structure for managing various community aspects of squad management -- recruitment, coordination, awards, operations and management for the keeping of squad cohesion and order.

    Rank Structure (lowest to highest):

    • Rekrut
    • Schütze
    • Gefreiter
    • Obergefreiter
    • Hauptgefreiter
    • Stabsgefreiter
    • Unteroffizier
    • Unterfeldwebel
    • Feldwebel
    • Oberfeldwebel
    • Hauptfeldwebel
    • Leutnant
    • Oberleutnant
    • Hauptmann
    • Major
    • Oberstleutnant
    • Oberst
    • Generalmajor
    • Generalleutnant
    • General
    • Generaloberst
    • Feldmarschall
As well, the squad has a leadership structure that is exclusive of rank. The T3 members (CO, XO, XXO) are the current overall squad leaders and from time to time are exchanged with other squad members as needed to manage the day-to-day operations of the squad, regardless of rank. They are classified as follows:
    • CO           Oversees entire squad
    • XO            2nd in command
    • XXO          3rd in command
    • Officer     Community/Recruitment/Operational responsibility
    • Member  No operational responsibility
    • Rekrut     Pending member

It is a requirement of all members that they follow rank within game and orders to the best of their ability. Squad members gain rank through battlefield achievement, team playing and displays of leadership. If for some reason a member does not feel they are achieving the rank that reflects their achievement/participation they should reach out to one of the T3 (CO, XO, XXO) officers of the squad and discuss their advancement. Remember, receiving rank advancement means more responsibility to lead squad members and be an active participant in operations and the training of new recruits.

III. SQUAD AND GHC (Axis High Command)

As members of a squad, we recognize that we carry strength in numbers to achieve strategic game objectives that are critical to fulfilling the end result -- WINNING THE CAMPAIGN. Squad members must understand that the squad's actions are at times dictated by needs of the GHC (The Axis Command in game). There are times when we are called upon to protect in game FBs and CPs to prevent Allied capture where there might not be as much 'action' as at another place in the game. We also may be called upon to create a diversion from the primary attack point to divide-and-conquer Allied numbers. Members understand that these requests are due to the strategic campaign importance of these attack/defense positions and that they are crucial in the overall success of the Axis side during the campaign. Decisions to follow requests of the GHC are made between the GHC and the currently acting OIC of the squad.


The 91st is a 24 hour operating squad with members spread across the globe. Campaign success and squad success is dictated by an organized approach of following rank and orders. It is a requirement of all members at game login to salute the squad and if not easily apparent, request what the current orders are and who is the current Officer In Charge (OIC). The 91st is 'deployed' in particular Area of Responsibility (AOR) during each campaign. As a squad member it is a requirement that you understand what our current campaign AOR is and that you play within that AOR when there are active attack/defend AOs placed. The current OIC, based on strategic requirements may temporarily move the squad to another AOR as needed to meet objectives, or to assist larger operations per the requests of aligned squads and GHC.

At any given time the OIC is the highest ranking squad member within the game. Higher ranking members may pass the OIC responsibility to other ranks based on their ability to be OIC or to give other members experience in leading the squad. If you are currently OIC, then you are required to give the squad direction as to what members should be doing. Squad members are required to follow the OICs direction. Members are monitored on their response to OIC orders and their ability as OIC, which is discussed amongst the officers of the squad on a regular basis for determining promotions, award nominations and in some cases, by not following OIC orders, expulsion from the squad.


It is expected that ALL members -- Officers, Members and Rekruts abide by the CoC of the squad. Any disrespect of member rank, individual squad members, or the governing rules of the squad may result in immediate expulsion. It is a requirement that all squad members understand the following rules while playing in-game, interacting with the squad via TeamSpeak, and posting on game related and squad forums.

Activities that may lead to grounds of dismissal from the squad

  • In-Game:

    • Any Recruit playing allied: During the recruitment phase of being in the 91st recruits are restricted to playing Axis side only.

    • Active members playing Allied without first notifying squad officers: Active squad members (non-recruits) must first notify squad T3 leadership (CO, XO, or XXO) of their intent to play Allied during a campaign. Members will be temporarily removed from access to the 'Private' forum area where current AOR information is being posted and discussed during the campaign. This is to prevent spying and misuse of GHC information that is often posted to the private section of the members forums.

    • Playing Allied within the Squads AOR: Even after notifying and receiving acknowledgement for playing Allied, members are required to play outside of the squads active AOR. It is only with expressed permission from officers of the squad that this will be allowed.
    • Members should discuss the AOR requirement with squad leadership as the AOR may change from time to time.

    • Use of 91st / Axis Assets while Allied: It is expressly forbidden to use TeamSpeak, Secure Axis forums, and 91st private discussion areas while playing Allied. Members seen using these assets during Allied play may be subject to immediate expulsion from the squad as this will be constituted as 'cheating'.

    • Spying or Cheating: The squad, under no circumstances will tolerate spying, cheating, or hacking within game. There will be no discussion regarding how-to cheat/hack allowed on squad forums. Any 91st member caught cheating/hacking or found spying by passing information or using knowledge of known planned operations whilst playing will be immediately expelled from the squad.

    • Not following OIC orders: Squad members are required to follow and support, to the best of their ability issued OIC orders. Consistent refusal or ignoring of squad orders will be grounds for dismissal.
  • In/Out of Game

    • Racist remarks and Reich symbolism: In no way may it be construed that as an Axis squad we align ourselves in any way with the ideology, symbolism, or actions undertaken by the 3rd Reich / Nazi party. Any member that expresses via chat, on TeamSpeak, or within the squads forums alignment with these racist views, or posts Nazi symbols will be immediately without any further discussion expelled from the squad.

    • Blatant Disrespect of WWII Players (Harassment / Sexual Comments): As a squad we have a lot of fun and at times tease fellow squad members and other players in a jokingly fashion -- this is typically an accepted part of playing together and part of the building of any team. There are times when members 'cross-the-line' and joking can become mean-spirited, abusive, sexually explicit and unwarranted.

      Belittling, harassing, abusive language or sexual innuendo, towards anybody associated with Battleground Europe, through any communicative means, including, but not limited to: game chat, game text, team speak, email, squad forums or any Battleground Europe related forums, will not be tolerated, and may result in expulsion from the 91st.

      It is on the shoulders of individual members to 'speak up' and involve squad officers of infractions of this nature. Such infractions will be taken under review and consideration for further action, discipline or dismissal will be handled by a T3 Officer (CO, XO, XXO).

    • Misrepresentation of the Squads View: Members will not speak on the squad's behalf without first discussing the intended statement with the T3 Officers of the squad (CO, XO, XXO). Misrepresenting the point of view of the squad, its intent, affiliations, or making false representations will warrant discipline and may lead to the dismissal of squad members.

VI. Winning and Having Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!

The 91st wouldn't be one of the longest exsisting and the great squad that it has been over the years without the continued and tireless efforts and contributions of the squad's member base. It is imperative that we have FUN!!! and enjoy ourselves as squad members. Open lines of communication are encouraged between all members and suggestions, recommendations, and feedback on how the squad could be better are welcome and should be posted to the squad forums for consideration and review by the entire membership.

Remember -- You are the 91st. The 91st isn't some stuffy organized corporation, we are all individuals contributing our time and playing together because we enjoy the camaraderie and have a lot of fun being the best at what we do. If you don't like something, or you feel it needs to be changed, speak up! voice your opinion that is what instigates change and makes it a better squad for existing and new members!! and makes it more enjoyable and attractive for new recruits. It's on you as a member to help each squad member out as much and in anyway possible to make the experience more effective and fun as possible -- Did we say have fun?!?

Respect the Heat of the battle, There will be times when lots of decisions are being made quickly and things are changing on the battlefield quickly. During these times, inquiries or suggestions may be overlooked or rejected -- Please do not take this personally. It takes a long time to understand how the game plays, why decisions are made, and sometimes what appear as simple decisions may be complicated by many factors. If it's something you feel was ignored without cause, make a note to have a discussion about the suggestion at a later point in time to understand why.

Make it happen!! Make us the best! When in the game, assist new players, help out on the in game help channel. Do not disrespect 'newb' players -- give them a hand and help them understand how the game works, what it means to capture, loose equipment, and what terms mean (ET, EI, EB, CP, FB, etc...). When the battle needs support assistance grab an Opel or Half-Track(HT) and give other players logistical assistance.

Remember, above all, we are a team, and one of the greatest, largest and longest surviving squads within Battleground Europe. Fight with honor and dignity, show respect and respect will be returned.

We are the Elite Axis Wehrmacht squad, the 91st Sturmbattalion, we have a reputation to uphold and deliver on the battlefield do not dishonor our reputation.



We are
Hard as Steel
Tough as leather
And, quick as windhounds!


Always fight with honor
Don't complain, support the objective!
Rank means Duty, responsibility, and leadership!
Follow Orders!



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Candidates must be first observed and worked with in the game, This review process may take 1-2 weeks to allow our officers to have adequate time to monitor your actions. Do you understand and agree to take part in this review? YesNo
The 91st Sturm Battalion utilizes Team Speak for verbal communication. The content of this channel is considered appropriate for adults but may not be appropriate for players under the age of 18. Please indicate if you are 18 or older. YesNo
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