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  • The 91st is one of the largest, and oldest, Axis-only squads in the game 'WW2 Online - Battleground Europe.'
  • To join the squad just click on the "Enlist" button and submit your application. After you are accepted, please register on the squad forums and request your member access.


1 VOICE CHAT: WW2 Online has switched to a program called DISCORD for voice communications in game. (TeamSpeak will no longer be supported by CRS). To setup Discord check the Squad Tab "Message of the Day" in game for the download and server links. (More detailed instructions can be found in the Announcements Section in the Members Forum of the 91st website).

2 GAME DEVELOPMENT NEWS: CRS has announced that some new equipment is coming to WW2 Online: They are planning to add new "tank buster" aircraft models to the game - including the Stuka 87-G2 (axis), Airacobra (US & French), and the Hurricane MkIID (British).

Also planned are new self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery (SPAA) units for the game - including a SDkf27 halftrack with Flak 28 for the Axis, and self-propelled bofors on a crusader chassis the allies.

3 STEAM: Work by CRS to move the game onto Steam continues. The current road map for the game is targeting Summer 2017 for a Steam release. (Note: this is the current best estimate for release - the timeline could get pushed back depending on the development process).

That's all the news for now. We hope to see all the 91st members (old and new) online. Saturdays are still squad days in game.

Salute !!!

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In order to become a full member in the 91st, a recruit must join and use the free voice chat program called DISCORD. (Voice communications are mandatory in the squad).

Discord Setup Steps:

• Discord Download link: https://discordapp.com/apps

• WW2 Online Axis Server invite link: https://discord.gg/hZySQUR

• In order to join 91st channel setup a Push-to-Talk button in (Settings >Voice > Input Mode)

Note: Unfortunately, recruits who do not join the squad voice chat within one week will be auto-removed from the squad. (The game system automatically removes recruits from squads who do not achieve full member rank within the seven days – and you must be on Discord to become a full member in the squad).



• If brand new to game, see the 91st (Day 1 Guide) - http://wwiionline.net/91st¬_1stDay.pdf

• Review the 91st (Basic Training Guide) – http://wwiionline.net/91st_Basic.pdf

• Review the 91st (Sapper Guide) - http://wwiionline.net/Axis_Sapper_Guide_1.36.pdf

• Many other useful links to useful information can be found on the 91st website



After you become a full member in the squad, check that you have access to the 91st private forums section. (Note: sometimes you need to register to the 91st forums section separately). Also, note it may take a few days for your private member’s access to be processed. If you are still having problems after one week, then request your private member access here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3454



All members of the 91st Sturmbattalion are expected to follow 5 basic guidelines or they may be subject to removal from the squad:

1. Playing Axis (Only): The 91st is a dedicated Axis-only squad. All our members play only as the Axis side, and we do not switch sides during the middle of campaigns. One exception: after you reach full member rank, and played in the squad for at least one full campaign, then you are allowed to switch and play the Allied side. In order to switch to the Allied side you must first (1) announce your intention to play Allied side at the beginning of a campaign, and (2) remain on the Allied side for the full duration of the campaign. After the campaign is over you may rejoin the 91st –“with full honors” 

2. Squad Voice Chat: The 91st Sturmbattalion uses the popular and free voice chat program called “Discord” to coordinate squad activities in game. Discord voice communications are mandatory for all 91st members. (Note: you are not required to talk on Discord and use a microphone, but you are required to at least be able to hear voice chat in game). Voice communications are essential for effective 91st squad coordination in game. Also, voice chat is the best way for new players to learn and understand how to play the game effectively.

3. Cheating, Hacking or Spying: Any 91st member caught cheating, hacking, or spying for the other side in game will be removed from the squad immediately. Please remember your actions in game not only reflect on yourself, they also reflect on the entire squad’s good reputation. So please be smart and play the game the right way! GMs in game can secretly watch players who are suspected of suspicious activity, and if you get caught in the act, it will be too late to recover your 91st member privileges.

4. Inappropriate Comments on Squad Chat and Forums: The 91st is group of mature players, and we often have fun and joke around with each other in squad chat. Adult language can occur on squad chat at times. (Ex.: occasional cussing etc… is permissible). But please keep in mind that it is unacceptable to “cross- the-line” with other members in chat, and say things about other people that are abusive, mean-spirited, rude, sexually derogatory, racially discriminatory, harassing, obnoxious etc... Any such comments in chat (or by email, in the forums, on Discord etc…) can lead to removal from the squad.

Fascism, Racism: The 91st is an Axis squad, but it does not align itself with Fascism or the Nazi party. Nor does it condone any other racist ideology or groups, such as KKK etc... These kinds of topics can be very offensive to some people and illegal in some countries. Any members who preach these topics in chat, or promote their symbolism in the game (or on the forums etc…) can be removed from the squad.

Negative Game Comments: WW2 Online is a challenging game to play. People often get mad and frustrated when they die. This happens to everyone. But keep in mind that too much “negativity” and constant complaining about the game can spoil the game experience for others who are on squad chat with you. So be courteous. It is ok to complain once in a while, but as Oddball once said in the WW2 movie Kelly’s Heroes: “Please don’t hit us with too much of them negative waves baby!” 

Battle Comms: Players are free to talk on squad chat. In fact, communication is encouraged for all members. But there are times when there are a large number of players on squad chat, or a difficult squad operation is going on in game, and it becomes necessary to cut down on the squad talk temporarily so players can concentrate on what is going on in game. Anyone in the squad has the right to ask for “Battle Comms” in game, and all squad members (including officers) should respect a Battle Comms request. Members are also encouraged to setup ‘Mute/Volume Control’ toggle buttons in their Discord settings – this will also help control any extra unwanted chatter on squad voice chat.

Guests on Chat: The 91st is a group of adult players, but sometimes there are guests on the 91st squad chat who are clearly ‘minor’ in age. When this occurs, squad members should be courteous given the situation, and refrain from using strong adult language, etc… on squad chat. If the guest on squad chat is being abusive, too immature, too loud, or just making squad members uncomfortable then ask an officer (or the ‘Officer in Charge’ of the squad at the time) to ask the unwelcomed guest to leave the squad channel.

5. Following Orders & Playing Together: The 91st Sturmbattalion has a squad culture of teamwork and togetherness. (It is a tradition of “all-for-one” and “one-for-all” in game). Thus, members are generally expected to follow squad orders, and help each other out when help is asked for in game. However, it is understood that from time-to-time players may be busy, and they are unable to stop what they are doing immediately to participate with the rest of the squad in game. (You will not be removed from the squad if this happens occasionally). But overall, as a general rule, you will be expected to participate with the squad most of the time. If you do not want to be a team player, then the 91st is probably not the right squad for you.

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