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Sat Dec 04, 2010 4:07 am

The 91st will be changing over to Team speak 3 . This will not be a overnight change as we know many members will need time to get changed over .

Please all new and old members install TS3 and run the connection wizard the only info you need to install is server info
port 1035

Our members and Officer channels will be password protected in the near future and the password will be in the members forum for the members channels and the officers forums for the officers lounge .

TS3 has crystal clear digital sound and the squad can now keep much better control over our channels . Members will also find there are many other features that will be helpful .

Ever have one person in TS that has a booming voice then another who you can never hear because they are so soft well in TS3 you can right click on each member and adjust the volume you receive from them . You can also leave a offline message for any member on TS3 so when they log on they will get your message these are only a few of the many new features in TS3.

Everyone please get started using TS3 now if there are any questions or problems please let one of the T3 know .

We would like to have all 91st changed over too TS3 by 1/1/11 . You can run both TS2 and TS3 at the same time and monitor them both if need be until everyone is on TS3 .


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